Air New Zealand Launches New Domestic Focused Safety Video

This past week, Air New Zealand released its latest pre-flight safety video. With international travel still heavily restricted, the airline has decided to make this latest update focused on its beautiful home country and all that it has to offer. With enticing visuals that focus on domestic destinations, staying ‘close to home’ has never looked so good.

Air New Zealand, Jetstar, Australia
While the video has a domestic focus, it can be used on more distant routes as well. Photo: Getty Images

100% Pure New Zealand

Published to YouTube on December 2nd and already viewed over 600,000 times, Air New Zealand’s safety video combines the standard safety briefing with an appeal for the country of New Zealand to be labeled the 8th wonder of the world. This is how the airline describes its latest production on its website:

“None of the Seven Wonders of the world are featured in New Zealand, and with a beautiful country like ours, this Safety Video in partnership with Tourism New Zealand, will take us on a journey across the country to discover the Eighth Wonder of the World. From Makorori Headland to Stewart Island and Milford Sounds, we will travel up and down the country and discover some hidden gems along the way. In each location, the Flight Attendants will take us through a different part of the safety briefing, ensuring that we prioritize the safety sequences first, and the narrative second.”

For your convenience, the video can be viewed below:

According to One Mile At A Time, Air New Zealand’s Chief Customer and Sales Officer, Leanne Geraghty, notes that around 30% of people flying on the airline’s domestic network are usually visitors from overseas. However, “in the absence of international visitors, the safety video is a unique way to stimulate further local demand, benefiting local tourism operators, the New Zealand economy and Air New Zealand employees.”

Air New Zealand’s current operations

Although there are plenty of international travel restrictions, Air New Zealand is still operating several long-haul international flights. The map below from shows all scheduled flights for Air New Zealand during the upcoming seven days.

Taking a look, we can see that the carrier is serving San Francisco, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and other distant destinations. All long-haul routes are currently being served by Air New Zealand’s Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners and are likely focused on cargo operations more than carrying passengers at this time.

Air New Zealand ops
A look at where Air New Zealand aircraft are flying in the next seven days. Photo:

One place outside of the country that Kiwis can fly to without a quarantine requirement is Australia. These ‘quarantine-free’ flights will be for passengers with travel originating in New Zealand who are flying from New Zealand to Australia Safe Travel Zone states.

Passengers who are on these flights are not required to quarantine on arrival and must meet certain criteria to be eligible for quarantine-free entry.

While the video is a great invitation for Kiwis to explore their home country, it’s unfortunately just a big tease for the rest of us watching it on YouTube. Hopefully, soon enough, us ‘foreigners’ will get the chance to explore the 8th Wonder of the World.

What do you think of this new safety video? Have you been to any of these destinations? Let us know in the comments.