Air Saint-Pierre Reveals Stunning New ATR Livery

Air Saint-Pierre has revealed a fantastic new livery on a brand new ATR aircraft. The turboprop, which is scheduled to arrive at the carrier’s home soon, is striking and will be a fun sight for anyone.

Air Saint-Pierre ATR New Livery
Air Saint-Pierre has debuted a brand new, stunning livery for its ATR 42-600. Photo: Air Saint-Pierre via Facebook

Air Saint-Pierre’s new ATR livery

Taking to social media, Air Saint-Pierre showed off a brilliant blue livery for its brand new ATR turboprop. The designer of the livery is Floriane Fitzpatrick, who did a brilliant job making the plane stand out no matter wherever it goes.

Air Saint Pierre ATR
The aircraft is not due at the airline until the 13th. Photo: Air Saint-Pierre via Facebook

The ATR is scheduled to arrive at Air Saint-Pierre’s home in the afternoon on Sunday, December 13th. Delivery flights can be fluid, and a plethora of factors, including weather, crew availability, travel restrictions, or even last-minute kinks to work out on new aircraft, could alter that timeline.

Air Saint-Pierre ATR
The aircraft is registered as F-ORLB. Photo: Air Saint-Pierre via Facebook

Hopefully, the ATR does arrive at the carrier on Sunday. Nevertheless, whenever it does arrive, it will definitely be a sight to see and one of the most distinctive ATR liveries in the world.

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Air Saint-Pierre

If you are scratching your head and wondering why you have never heard of the French carrier Air Saint-Pierre, you are forgiven. Air Saint-Pierre is a regional carrier based in Saint-Pierre and Miquelon. Saint Pierre and Miquelon is a self-governing French territory located on the Atlantic seaboard, between Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada, though it is much closer to the latter than to the former.

FSP location
The location of Saint Pierre. Rendering created at Great Circle Mapper

Air Saint-Pierre connects Saint-Pierre via the Saint-Pierre Airport (FSP) to several destinations. This includes Halifax in Nova Scotia, Magdalen Islands in Quebec, Montreal in Quebec, and St. John’s in Newfoundland and Labrador. Its French destinations include Miquelon and a transatlantic flight to Paris.

Air Saint-Pierre states it has only two aircraft currently. This includes a Cessna F406 that seats around eight or nine passengers and one ATR 42-500 that seats up to 46 passengers.

Air Saint-Pierre
Air Saint-Pierre already operates an ATR aircraft. Photo: Air Saint-Pierre

The new aircraft is an ATR 42-600, according to data from The ATR is an ideal aircraft for the kinds of missions Air Saint-Pierre flies. It is not too big, which is fine as Saint Pierre and Miquelon has a combined estimated population of about 5,347 people, according to the CIA.

The ATR is also a very flexible aircraft, and some variants can even land on very short runways.

Wait, Air Saint-Pierre flies to Paris?

Yes and no. With the two aircraft mentioned above, Air Saint-Pierre would definitely not be able to fly nonstop to Paris, and a turboprop crossing the Atlantic, while it can be done, would be far from economical given passengers can take a variety of faster one-stop connections.

So, to fly to Paris, Air Saint-Pierre charters an aircraft, usually just for the summer season. Data from Flightradar24 shows that this year the airline chartered F-GZTD, an ASL Airlines France Boeing 737-700 for the transatlantic flight, which is also not unheard of.

F-GZTD, the aircraft that operated the transatlantic flight, is also in a distinctive livery but owned by a different carrier. Photo: Anna Zvereva via Flickr

This flight is counted as a domestic flight. More interestingly, however, is the fact that this route is one of the few eastbound daytime transatlantic routes, as most transatlantic flights heading from North America to Europe are red-eyes.

What do you think about Air Saint-Pierre’s ATR livery? Have you flown, or will you fly Air Saint-Pierre? Let us know in the comments!