Where Does Air Senegal Fly Its Airbus A330neos?

Air Senegal currently has two Airbus A330neos in its fleet, alongside a small and (mostly) dated fleet of ATR 72s, A319s and A321s. The modern jets, A330-900neos, are less than two years old and were both delivered to the airline in 2019. Where exactly does Air Senegal fly its new Airbus A330neos?

Where Does Air Senegal Fly Its Airbus A330neos?
Air Senegal has used its new Airbus A330neos primarily on its European network. Photo: Getty Images

Air Senegal’s first A330neo (9H-SZN)

The carrier’s first A330neo (registration: 9H-SZN) was initially delivered in January 2019 but couldn’t enter service right away, so Air Senegal sent it back to France for additional flight testing. The jet was finally redelivered in March 2019 and earmarked for the airline’s Dakar – Paris route.

The A330neo has a total of 290 seats across three cabin classes (32 Business, 21 Premium Plus and 237 Economy). The plane is operated on lease from Maltese wet lease provider Hi Fly Malta, a subsidiary of Portuguese lessor Hi Fly. Air Senegal gave its first A330neo the name ‘Casamance.’

air senegal
Air Senegal’s first A330neo last flew from Portugal to Italy. Flight data: RadarBox.com

Casamance was last seen departing from Beja, Portugal, en route to Rome. Hi Fly uses Beja Airport as a base to park and maintain aircraft, with 9H-SZN making several stops in Beja over the past couple of weeks. The plane flew on April 25th, operating flight HC1000 from Beja International Airport to Rome Fiumicino Airport.

In the previous weeks, the jet has been used by Hi Fly Malta for direct flights between Pakistan and the UK. Before that, Air Senegal used the A330neo extensively on its Dakar – Paris route from December 2020 to March 2021.

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The second A330neo in the fleet (6V-ANB)

Air Senegal’s second A330neo (registration: 6V-ANB) arrived in November 2019 and is fully owned by the airline. The jet has been deployed almost exclusively on the airline’s Dakar – Paris route since last year. Additionally, in the summer of 2020, the plane was a frequent visitor to Milan Malpensa Airport.

Air Senegal
The second A330 has been dedicated to Dakar – Paris flights. Flight data: RadarBox.com

Air Senegal ordered two Airbus A330-900neos at the Dubai Air Show in 2017 before taking delivery of the first jet in early 2019. The airline got its hands on its second A330neo later in 2019, which it gave the name ‘Sine-Saloum.’ Air Senegal also committed to an order of eight A220s in 2019, with the airline expecting its first jet in 2021.

Still hopeful of the U.S market

Despite operating flights for less than three years, Air Senegal is one of the more ambitious carriers on the international stage today. The airline has had plans to break into the U.S market for a couple of years, but the COVID pandemic has forced delays. However, Air Senegal has set a firm date of September 2021 for its first foray into the U.S.

Air Senegal has had its eye on the U.S market for a while now. Photo: Anna Zvereva via Wikimedia Commons

The airline plans to wet lease an aircraft, possibly from existing ACMI partner Hi Fly Malta. Rumors have suggested Air Senegal will fly direct to New York from Dakar, with Washington D.C another likely destination.

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