Final Airbus A310 Flights Moved By Air Transat

Air Transat will be moving up its last Airbus A310 flight to April 27th, 2020. This is according to schedules filed by the airline and picked up by Airways International magazine. Currently, there are only seven more A310s in operation by Air Transat according to This is down from its peak of 14 of the aircraft.

Air Transat A310
An Air Transat A310 Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Pushing 30

The Air Transat A310 fleet has an average age of 29 years old and some have been part of the airline’s fleet from 1999. Before joining the Air Transat fleet, these aircraft flew for a wide variety of airlines all over the world.

According to here are the remaining aircraft with their previous operators:


Last chance to fly the A310

As we warned earlier this year, Air Transat is currently the last commercial operator of the Airbus A310 in the western world. The twin-engine, twin-aisle widebody A310 was manufactured in the late 1970s and 80s, with production officially ceased in 2007. The model in use by Air Transat is an A310-300 which seats 250 passengers in a two-class configuration.


On the other side of the planet, Mahan Air of Iran is the world’s largest operator of Airbus A310 aircraft. Yemenia, the national airline for Yemen, also operates an A310. Of course, flights by these airlines may be a little harder to get a ticket for in comparison to Air Transat.

Several Air Transat A310s were once operated by Emirates. Photo: Flickr user bribri

A310 schedules

Air Transat has filed an updated schedule for its remaining A310 flights through 2020. Below is what Airways International was able to find in terms of the very last flights.


From Toronto (YYZ)

  • AZS: A final flight to Samana in the Dominican Republic on March 29th.
  • OPO: Porto, Lisbon on March 29th.
  • MAN: and Manchester, UK on March 30th. The return Manchester to Toronto flight will be the last transatlantic passenger flight to the UK on an A310.

From Quebec City (YQB)

  • PVR: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico will take place on April 9th.
  • PUJ: Punta Cana in the Dominican on April 18th.
  • CUN & CDG: Cancun, Mexico and Paris-CDG on April 26th. The Paris-CDG rotation will return to Quebec City on April 27th and is set to be the airline’s last Trans-Atlantic passenger flight operated by an A310.

From Montreal (YUL)

  • PTP: From the airline’s base in Montreal, the A310 will fly to the French territory of Pointe-a-Pitre on March 29th for the last time. It will also go back to Montreal the following week on April 5th.
  • VRA: Varadero, Cuba will depart on March 31st.
  • CTG: Cartagena, Colombia, follows on April 4th.
  • MRS and SNU: with Marseille and Santa Clara scheduled on April 24th.
  • MRS & AZS: Marseille is also scheduled for April 25th, together with Samana on April 26th.
  • RTB: Finally for Montreal, a flight to Roatan, Honduras is on the books for April 27th. According to the schedule, the Roatan flight will be Air Transat’s last A310 flight.

As is common for most airlines, these schedules are subject to change.

The A321LR: A310’s replacement

The airline will be phasing out the aircraft as it takes deliveries of the new Airbus A321LR through a deal with the leasing company AerCap.

The delivery of the first of 15 new Airbus A321LR airplanes on order took place in early May. Air Transat will introduce all 15 of the new aircraft within the next three years.

Air Transat’s A321LR. Photo: Airbus

Will you be flying any of these final A310 flights? Let us know in the comments!


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For those people who like to bitch about high-density 3-3-3 seating configurations in an A330 on “cowboy” carriers like AirAsiaX and AirCalin, good old AirTransat also have 3-3-3 seating in their A310s. Seatguru indicates the seat pitch as being 32-33″ but, from personal experience, I’d put it closer to 28″. It flew ancient L1011s when other airlines were flying new 767s. A transatlantic business model based on milking every last drop out of old wrecks, and packing passengers in like sardines. Thank god they’ll soon be gone!

Brian Simpson

Technically the Canadian Federal Government is the last operator of the A310 in the Western World. The Canadian Armed Forces, based at CFB Trenton, operates five Airbus A310-300s, all now designated as CC-150 Polaris, after they were acquired from Canadi>n Airlines International, which acquired them as part of their takeover of Wardair. Wardair at one point had a fleet of 12 A310 aircraft.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Last chance to fly for some not all… flight tickets easier to purchase for some not all again… 🙄 I’m sure many Asians (like me) would find it easier travelling on Mahan Air than Transat. I mean there is a world outside the little western cubby hole you guys live in

Joseph Stevens

Happy to say i am on the last transatlantic flight from UK on march 30th from manchester
I told my father to book air transat on this date just because of this.