AirAsia Announces Domestic Flight Resumptions

Low-cost carrier AirAsia has announced domestic flight resumptions are starting on April 29th with other countries following in the days after. The initial recovery will not be the carrier’s full schedule. Instead, AirAsia will gradually bring back operations, with international routes restarting after domestic.

Air Asia
AirAsia is planning on resuming domestic services starting later this month. Photo: AirAsia

Domestic flight resumptions

AirAsia will resume domestic flights starting at the end of this month in Malaysia with other countries to follow. These are:

  • Malaysia: April 29th
  • Thailand: May 1st
  • Philippines: May 1st
  • India: May 4th
  • Indonesia: May 7th

The schedule is not hard and fast. Governments still need to give their approval. This may not happen for a few days, or even some weeks, as the situation continues to evolve. The primary goal for governments is to restrict the spread of illness and to keep people at home.

AirAsia free seats getty images
If the current schedule holds, Indonesia will be the last country where domestic flights on AirAsia resumes. Photo: Getty Images

Like many other airlines, the carrier is taking things slow with its service restart. It will begin with critical connections before adding international flights. Border restrictions will largely determine when the airline is able to open international routes.

International flight resumptions will depend on border restrictions. Photo: Airbus

For domestic flights, however, AirAsia is already taking bookings on its website. For those with credits, this is an opportunity to use them.

It is important to note, however, that these flights may still be canceled in the future if governments continue restrictions and lockdown. Leisure travel should be avoided at this time. These flights will primarily serve to fly people who need to get to home or work at a low cost.

AirAsia vs AirAsia X

AirAsia X operates only international routes using Airbus A330 aircraft with A321XLRs and A330neos set to join the fleet later. Meanwhile, AirAsia primarily operates Airbus A320ceo and A320neo aircraft.

AirAsia Announces Domestic Flight Resumptions
AirAsia has the A321XLR on order. Photo: Airbus

AirAsia has had impressive low-cost growth and was looking at opportunities to launch new flights to destinations as far as the United States.

The situation at AirAsia

AirAsia has had to park over 96% of its fleet, sought to delay lease payments and defer Airbus A330neo orders amid the global downturn in aviation. The low-cost giant has made a significant impact in Southeast Asia in the last few years, making travel more accessible to many more people.

AirAsia check-in desk
The airline has made a significant impact in Southeast Asia. Photo: Getty Images

Also, the airline has broken ever-so-slightly into the premium market with a Premium Flatbed seat. This lie-flat seat is not quite up to the standards of other full-service carriers. However, on price, it is unbeatable for some of AirAsia’s longer flights.

Despite the global downturn, AirAsia has pledged that it will not cut jobs due to the current state of the aviation industry. This is a significant diversion from the stance other airlines have taken. In addition, the carrier could be up for a merger with Malaysia Airlines to create Malaysia’s largest airline. However, it may put the airline in a better position to survive in the long-run once the aviation climate rebounds.

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