AirAsia India Desire Jet Airways’ Boeing 737s

AirAsia India is reportedly interested in acquiring some of Jet Airways’ ex-aircraft. According to ch-aviation, AirAsia has applied to add the Boeing 737 to its operator certificate. The news comes as Jet Airways is still yet to find a bidder.

Air Asia Jet Airways
AirAsia India currently only operates the A320. Photo: AirAsia

Jet Airways suspended operations in April after failing to secure liquidity to pay for essential services such as fuel. A number of the airline’s aircraft were also previously grounded by lessors for non-payment.

Lots of grounded aircraft

As a result of Jet Airways suspending flights, a large fleet of aircraft is now grounded in India. This is bad for the owners of these aircraft. When they are not in the air flying, they are not making money. However, other airlines are implementing additional services to take advantage of the hole left by Jet Airways.

Some airlines such as British Airways have cut services elsewhere in order to add more capacity to their India flights. Some of the Indian carriers have been looking to lease Jet Airways’ aircraft in order to lay on additional services. One such example is SpiceJet. There are now some aircraft in the fleet wearing a SpiceJet logo, but a Jet Airways livery.

AirAsia Jet Airways
AirAsia India is applying to fly the Boeing 737. Photo: AirAsia

With all of the hassle involved in repainting an aircraft, it is no wonder that the logos are just being covered and replaced. By repainting just the logo, carriers are able to implement the aircraft into their fleet much more quickly. In fact, late last year Simple Flying saw aircraft at Heathrow still wearing the Air Berlin livery.

AirAsia India application

AirAsia India has applied to be able to fly the Boeing 737. The carrier is currently an Airbus only airline. Most low-cost airlines only operate one type of aircraft in order to keep costs down, however, the Indian market currently has a unique opportunity.

At Delhi and Mumbai, Jet Airways had a number of slots for airport operations. Now, the Indian regulator has said that it will temporarily re-allocate the failed airline’s slots at these airports. There is, however, a catch. The airlines bidding for the slots must be able to use them immediately. As such, a number of Indian airlines have been desperate to secure additional airframes.

Jet Airways AirAsia Boeing 737
Jet Airways is still yet to find a bidder following the suspension of services. Photo: Rick Schlamp via Wikimedia

What about Jet Airways?

In the past two weeks since Jet Airways suspended operations, they have been eagerly searching for a bidder to buy the airline. According to Loyalty Lobby, the airline has so far not found any bidders. Additionally, the airline only has until the 10th of May to find these potentially interested parties.

While there are currently no bidders, Etihad Airways, TPG Capital and Indigo Partners previously expressed an interested. It is unknown whether they or another party will bid on the airline by the due date. According to Reuters, staff are considering declaring bankruptcy.

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