airBaltic Turns To Norway And Greece With Three New Routes Launched

Latvian national flag carrier airBaltic has decided to launch flights from the Latvian capital Riga to two destinations in Norway and one in Greece. In a statement released today, the Riga International Airport (RIX)-based airline says it will offer two weekly flights from Riga to Trondheim Airport, Vaernes (TRD), and Bergen Airport, Flesland (BGO).

airBaltic A220-300
airBaltic to fly from Riga to Bergen and Trondheim twice a week. Photo: airBaltic

To take advantage of an uptick in summer leisure travel, the All-Airbus A220-300 carrier says that it will offer flights from Riga to the beautiful Greek Island of Kos from today. Located in the southeastern Aegean Sea, Kos is three hours, 25-minute flight from the Latvian capital. airBaltic will only offer flights to Kos during the summer months and drop the route when the summer holiday travel season is over.

Norway and Kos flights

Regarding the three new routes, they will operate as follows:

Riga to Trondheim
Riga International Airport (RIX) to Trondheim Airport, Værnes (TRD) airBaltic will fly twice a week from July 3rd. Looking at airBaltic’s website for July only shows direct flights between Riga and Trondheim on a Saturday. The one-hour, 55-minute flight departs Riga International Airport (RIX) at 07:25 and arrives at Trondheim Airport, Værnes (TRD) at 08:20. The return flight back to Riga departs TRD at 09:00 and arrives in RIX at 11:45.

Riga to Bergen
Riga International Airport (RIX) to Bergen Airport, Flesland (BGO) airBaltic will offer two flights per week from July 3rd. The two-hour, five-minute flight departs Riga International Airport (RIX) at 12:55 and arrives at Bergen Airport, Flesland (BGO), at 14:00. The return flight back to Riga departs BGO at 14:40 and arrives in RIX at 17:35. Again just like the Trondheim flight, airBaltic’s website only shows one flight per week on a Saturday.

airBaltic A220-300
The Greek Island of Kos is located in the southeastern Aegean. Photo: airBaltic

Riga to Kos

Starting July 3, airBaltic will offer two flights per week between Riga International Airport (RIX) and Kos International Airport (KGS). The flights will operate on a Tuesday and Saturday, departing Riga International Airport (RIX) at 13:50 and arriving at Kos International Airport (KGS) at 17:15. The return leg back to Latvia departs KGS at 18:00 and arrives back in RIX at 21:25.

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About the destinations

Trondheim, Norway

With a partly pedestrianized downtown, Norway’s third-largest city is a pleasure to explore on foot. Despite having just under 200,000, peopleTrondheim does not have a big city feel and is surrounded by breathtaking nature. Cafes, restaurants, and museums compete for your attention while the fishing boats come and go like they have done for centuries. Trondheim is also one of Norway’s most significant student cities, which helps to give it a youthful vibe.

Bergen, Norway

Home to the Unesco World Heritage wooden buildings of Bryggen, Bergen is a beguiling city. Surrounded by seven mountains, Bergen is often referred to as being the gateway to the Norwegian fjords. For visitors, Bergen offers an ideal combination of nature, culture, and colorful city life.

Kos, Greece

Home to some of the best Greek Island beaches, Kos is a mixture of the old and new, where ancient Greek ruins appear in the most unexpected locations. Whether you are a history lover or just want to hang out at the beach, Kos will live up to your every expectation. In Kos, the seaside taverna’s offer the freshest seafood, and the island has a vibrant night scene that will have you partying well into the early hours.

About airBaltic

Ever since deciding to become an all-Airbus A220-300 airline, airBaltic is fast becoming a Baltic nation favorite with its focus fixed on Riga, Vilnius, and Tallinn. When looking at aviation data and statistics website ch-aviation, we can see that airBaltic currently has a fleet of 27 Airbus A220-300s with an average age of 2.6 years.

airBaltic A220-300
airBaltic is an all-Airbus A220-300 airline. Photo: airBaltic

The Baltic carrier also has a further 23 A220s on order with the European planemaker, which points to future growth and new routes.

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