Airbus Celebrates As The 100th A220 Is Completed

Airbus has a reason to celebrate today as it announces the production of its 100th A220 aircraft. In a celebratory ceremony at the A220 headquarters in Mirabel, Canada, the manufacturer announced that the A220-300 produced for Lativa-based airBaltic was the 100th aircraft from the A220 line.

airBaltic Airbus A220-300
The new airBaltic Airbus A220-300 is the 100th aircraft in the A220 family. Photo: Airbus

At a celebration held at Airbus’ A220 headquarters in Canada, representatives from both Airbus and airBaltic celebrated the delivery of the 100th A220-300. And the significance of the date? It is exactly three years after the world’s first A220-300 left Airbus to join airBaltic on the 29 November 2016. Such perfect timing.

The celebratory aircraft features a new cabin design with 149 seats and modernized livery. It will join airBaltic’s current fleet of 20 A220-300 aircraft. The airline was the launch operator for the A220-300 three years ago and is Airbus’ biggest European customer for the aircraft and, therefore, a fitting recipient of the 100th aircraft.

airBaltic Airbus A220-300 cabin
Inside the new aircraft with the modernized cabin. Photo: Airbus

Airbus A220 family

The A220 is assembled at Airbus’ main Final Assembly Line in Mirabel and, more recently, at a second assembly line in Alabama. Formally known as the Bombardier C series, the A220 was launched in 2016 and is designed for the 100-150 seat market. Known for fuel-efficiency, it uses 20% less fuel than other aircraft and has reduced noise pollution and emissions.


There will soon be 100 A220s in operation with six operators across four continents. Airbus has confirmed that it has received 530 firm orders for over 20 customers for various aircraft from the A220 family. In a statement, Airbus commented that the “the aircraft’s unequalled fuel efficiency and excellent performance has been instrumental to airBaltic which has an all-A220 fleet as the backbone of its new business plan.”

airBaltic Airbus A220-300
Airbus and airBaltic celebrating the 100th Airbus A220-300. Photo: Airbus


airBaltic operates a fleet of A220’s to various destinations in Europe, Russia and the Middle East and boasts the longest flight on an A220 aircraft; 6.5 hours from Riga, the airline’s base, to Abu Dhabi. The airline has carried over 4 million passengers on Airbus A220300 aircraft with every other passenger traveling on the Airbus model.


This aircraft is the first delivery of an order which was signed on 28 May 2018 for 30 aircraft with options for an additional 30. airBaltic aims to have 22 A220-300 in its fleet by the end of the year and will raise this number to 26 by the end of 2020.

airBaltic Airbus A220-300
The new green livery showing the airline’s commitment to a greener fleet. Photo: Airbus

In a statement, Martin Gauss, Chief Executive Officer of airBaltic commented,

We are truly proud to be the launch operator of the Airbus A220-300 aircraft which, being an integral part of airBaltic’s fleet over the last three years has demonstrated an outstanding performance.”

The new aircraft, registration YL-AAU, is the 21st Airbus A220-300 for the airline and features the new livery. All new aircraft for airBaltic will feature greener tails to show the airline’s commitment to “operating one of the greenest fleets and launching other sustainability initiatives in the near future.”

What do you think about airBaltic’s fleet of A220-300 aircraft? Wil the aircraft help them meet their goal of becoming one of the greenest fleets in the world? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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Farhan Nazar

The A220/Cseries has become a success story : )

Thank you Airbus for coming in to save this wonderful plane from the US’ unfair tarrifs.

Gerry S

I have been enamored of the A220 (then Bombadier CS ) from the onset. When Boeing sued I was anguished that such a wonderful a/c would be doomed to failure. Now,however, likely because of that action, this airplane is more popular than ever while their own B737 MAX remains grounded. Must be a God of Karma out there somewhere in the skies where MAX’s don’t roam and 220’s free-range.


Have yet to fly on one but looking forward to sometime soon. Have heard nothing but good things about it. Only question I would have would be the number of plans Air Baltic have ordered. Seems a bit optimistic


The A220 is a beautiful plane. Congratulations to Bombardier and Airbus. And good luck to Air Baltic! May your passengers have safe and comfortable flights on your aircraft.


What’s the pitch between seats in this new delivery with 149 seats ?? And where is the “green” tail ?? Thanks

David C

32″ seat pitch. 18.5″ width.
Still better than most with 31″ seat pitch. And compare that to eastjet or Ryanair with their 29″ seat pitch. Yuck!

Mario Molins

Thanks, glad to know. Qudos to Bombardier/Airbus and Air Baltic !!
It’s still difficult to imagine 149 seats with 32″ pitch in an A223…..


What’s the seat pitch in this new delivery with 149 seats ? And where is the “green” tail ? Thanks

David C

The green tail may refer to this: The new A220-300 aircraft with a total of 145 seats offers an excellent flying experience with such benefits for passengers as wider seats, larger windows, more hand luggage space in the cabin, and improved lavatories. The new aircraft is equipped with new engines that make it much quieter – with a four times smaller noise footprint. Moreover, at the moment (July 2019), it is the greenest commercial aircraft in the world, as it is the first aircraft to have a transparent declaration of the life-cycle environmental impact which helps reduce CO2 and NOX… Read more »

Mario Molins

Thank you, that’s all excellent and good know !! Note that this specific delivery is advertised as 149 seats. That’s why it seems very difficult to achieve a 32″ pitch….


Congratulations for Airbus to Delivered their 100th A220 aircraft, and Congratulations to airBatlic for having the 100th A220 aircraft. Good Job both Airbus and airBatlic 😀

Algis P

So nice to see ‘Civility’ return to the Airlines..
Seating reminiscent of the Golden AGE’ of 2-2 seating in comparison to, Xian Warrior seating in most B737 As well as Max….variants …
Nice to be utilized in the Northern
European Sphere…


In one sense, this event it could be described as ‘bitter/sweet’.

David C

Roger, roger….