Airbus Has A Challenge To Meet 2019 Delivery Targets

Airbus delivered just under 390 aircraft in the first half of 2019. This is an impressive number, but falls short of their intended delivery targets. Nevertheless, Airbus is set to beat out Boeing when it comes to total aircraft deliveries in 2019.

Airbus aircraft
Airbus has to deliver around 500 aircraft in order to meet delivery targets. Photo: Airbus

First-half delivery reports

This news comes from Reuters as we’ve passed the mid-year point so far. Until now, Airbus has delivered 389 aircraft. In order for Airbus to meet their goal of 880-890 aircraft deliveries in 2019, Airbus has to deliver just shy of 500 aircraft in the second half.

Compared to 2018, Airbus was able to improve their first-half delivery numbers. Over the same period last year, Airbus delivered 303 aircraft. This represents a 28% increase in delivery numbers. One of the major aircraft lines to improve Airbus’ delivery numbers was the A220.

The A220 has helped boost Airbus delivery numbers in the first-half of 2019. Photo: Simple Flying

A320neo delays

One of the biggest issues Airbus has faced is with the Airbus A320neo. The A320neo is a major source of income for Airbus. As a result, delays on this line can significantly impact Airbus’ bottom line. Although Airbus has improved production, engine delays and production-related shortages remain two of the biggest factors hindering additional A320neo deliveries. Even then, Airbus is still improving their numbers when it comes to A320neo delivery.

Iberia A320neo
An A320neo in Iberia livery. Photo: Iberia

Airbus beats Boeing

Boeing is temporarily crippled by the 737 MAX crisis. Due to the worldwide grounding, deliveries of MAX aircraft have been suspended. Like the A320neo, Boeing’s 737 MAX is a profitable line for them. These suspensions will take a heavy toll.

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Now, amidst this, Airbus has beaten Boeing so far with more aircraft deliveries in the first-half of 2019. It is likely that Airbus will be able to retain this position through to the end of the year since Boeing’s 737 MAX will not be recertified for at least a few months. According to Boeing, their timeline of reentry is September. But with two months to go, Airbus can continue to deliver more aircraft.

Airbus A330neo
Airbus is almost certain to deliver more aircraft than Boeing in 2019. Photo: Joanna Bailey/Simple Flying

Will Airbus hit their targets?

In 2018, Airbus delivered around 800 aircraft. As they aim for more deliveries this year, Airbus can likely hit their target. Airbus was able to deliver close to 500 aircraft in the second half of 2018. Thanks to both the A220 and A320 lines, Airbus can continue to deliver a large number of narrowbodies. It will be interesting to see if Airbus is able to set any new production records as they strive for their goal.

Virgin Atlantic A350
Virgin Atlantic will take delivery of their first A350 this year. Photo: Virgin Atlantic

Do you think Airbus will hit their delivery goals in 2019? Are you eagerly awaiting any aircraft deliveries in 2019? Let us know in the comments!

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It is hard to say I know the Mobile Alabama plant is taking on the a220’s now. Delta has 27 a220-100’s due by 2020 and 43 321-200’s due by 2020 that is just with one airline. Me being in the production world these are good problems. Just delta alone has 261 unfilled orders with airbus thru 2023. 10 a350-900 deferred until 2025.


Yes, they will make it.


The Airbus Mobile,Alabama has a better reputation than the Boeing South Carolina plant for sure.
Boeing ‘production pace was always faster than Airbus ‘s but at what cost?
Emirates for instance refuses to have its Boeing aircrafts built in the South Carolina plant for instance.