Here’s What We Learnt From Airbus’ 2019 Orders & Deliveries

Airbus has released its 2019 orders and deliveries reports. In short, Airbus had one impressive year in 2019. Delivering over 860 aircraft and netting 768 orders, Airbus notched one of the most impressive years in memory.

Airbus A321neo
Airbus had a strong 2019. Photo: Airbus

A quick overview of Airbus orders in 2019

The Airbus family lineup includes the A220, A320, A330, A350, and soon-to-end behemoth A380. Narrowbodies dominated orders in 2019. Of these, the A320 was the most successful aircraft model garnering over 650 new orders in 2019.

In total, Airbus logged 63 net A220-family orders. Meanwhile, the A320 family saw 654 net orders. Widebodies saw sales and repeat orders, including 32 Airbus A350 aircraft and 89 of the A330.

The successful Airbus A321XLR helped boost Airbus’ orders in 2019. Photo: Airbus

While Airbus logged a total of 1,131 new orders, the reduced net comes from various cancellations throughout the year. The end of A380 production marks one such source of cancellations. In other cases, customers reshuffled orders.


Airbus deliveries in 2019

In 2019, Airbus set another record for aircraft deliveries. Airbus deliveries were up eight percent in 2019 from 2018. In total, Airbus delivered 863 aircraft to 99 different customers. Here is the total number of deliveries by family:

  • A220: 48 in 2019
  • A320: 642 in 2019 compared to 626 in 2018
  • A330: 53 in 2019 compared to 49 in 2018
  • A350: 112 in 2019 compared to 93 in 2018
  • A380 8 in 2019 compared to 12 in 2018

In 2018, Airbus delivered 20 A220s. However, the A220 only entered the Airbus lineup from July 2018.

Airbus A220 Egyptair
Airbus delivered 48 A220s in 2019. Photo: Airbus

Of the A320 family deliveries, 551 were from the A320neo lineup compared to 386 in the year before. And, Airbus delivered 41 A330neo aircraft out of the 53 in 2019. This is compared to the three A330neos delivered in 2018.

Delta A330neo
Airbus delivered 41 A330neo aircraft in 2019. Photo: Airbus

The A320neo soars high

No other narrowbody dominated Airbus’ orders last year than the A321XLR. This new long-range narrowbody is the latest member of the A320neo lineup and has been a huge hit. A favorite amongst small airlines, like Middle East Airlines and Czech Airlines, the A321XLR was also embraced thoroughly by giants like United, IAG, American, and IndiGo.

American Airlines was an early backer of the Airbus A321XLR with an order for 50 of the type. Photo: Airbus

In terms of deliveries, Airbus has had some trouble with A320neo output. However, with 551 A320neo lineup deliveries, Airbus is making some great progress on reducing the backlog for the type. At the same time, plenty of additional orders means that Airbus will be producing this type for several years to come.

Widebodies are not in huge demand

One of the biggest stories of 2019 was Airbus’ announcement of the end to the A380 production. A true Valentine’s Day heartbreak for avgeeks, the time of the behemoth was coming to an end. This was after less than stellar sales for the type. In fact, Airbus really relied on Emirates to keep the A380 afloat.

Emirates A380
Airbus announced that the time of the A380 was coming to an end. Photo: Airbus

While the A350 family has been quite successful, the A330neo has enjoyed more limited successes. Airbus is still betting on the A330neo lineup, however. With more airlines flying the type than before, perhaps, other carriers may see the operations of these aircraft and order the type. But, as widebodies are quite expensive to order and can be a huge lossmaker on some routes, it is not surprising to see Airbus log fewer widebody orders in 2019 than narrowbodies.

Airbus widebody flight
Widebodies were not in huge demand in 2019. Photo: Airbus


2019 was a good year for Airbus. The manufacturer delivered a record number of aircraft and took on a solid number of new orders taking total backlog to 7,482 aircraft. Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury had the following to say:

“I am happy to see our commercial aircraft order and delivery numbers reflecting the continuous efforts to better serve our customers and bring our competitive products and services to the market”

Airbus Orders and Deliveries 2019
An overview of Airbus orders and deliveries in 2019. Infographic: Airbus

Ultimately, the A321XLR proves that narrowbody long-range aircraft will be a significant part of the future of flying. These aircraft are cheaper, incredibly versatile, and less-risky than large widebodies.

Now, looking ahead to 2020, Airbus needs to continue to log more customers for the A330neo and Airbus A220. And, with the potential of an upcoming Boeing NMA, Airbus needs to log as many early customers for the A321XLR as possible. 2019 was a great start, but Airbus is not quite done yet.

What do you think of these Airbus 2019 orders and deliveries numbers? Let us know in the comments!


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Gerry S

Phenomenal is the only word to describe this huge success. It is all about demand. Make a great product and you attract buyers. No one can doubt that Airbus products are at the optimum of technology. From their fly-by-wire introduction to their land-itself capabilities to even the fighter-jet type control stick, Airbus is just plain remarkable. Also very reliable and fuel efficient, it is no wonder why the world's airlines desire them. And to think, Airbus is still, in comparison, very, very young. Way to go.


The only hope is that they don’t make the same mistakes US plane makers have made. But it will be quite odd when Airbus is left as the last man standing when Boeing eventually folds.


The US gov’t will never allow that to happen. They need Boeing for the defence industry. Expect more subsidies to be added to the $73 billion and probably a few more bloated gov’t contracts thrown their way.


How do the 2019 total net orders A220 vs 190-E2/195-E2 compare? I was quite surprised to see KLM order a substantial amount of E2’s in November.


KLM has ordered 21 of the E2-195 for Cityhopper, not the mainline fleet. A simple look see on wiki shows another order from Air peace for 10, which totals 31 for 2019. Total order book of 145 for the 195 and 189 for the program. In 2019 Delta changed their order from the original 50 A220-100’s they were going to take, to 45 of the -100’s and 50 of the -300’s, a net order of 45. In June, Jetblue firmed their order for 70 and then Air France firmed their order for 60. 175 of the A220-300’s for 2019, with… Read more »


Was just checking around and it seems that Nordic Aviation Capital has firmed their order for 20 of the A220’s; 6 & 14 (-100 and -300). It hasn’t hit the wire yet, but the site I check has them on the order board and they had an MOU for 20.


To say that the A330neo wasn’t as successful as the A350 this past year isn’t quite true! I believe in December alone, Airbus logged 40 orders for the type making a total of around 90-100 orders in 2019! That is a solid amount of orders for one year!


More and more capable narrowbodies are the future. Widebody aircraft will be reserved for premium heavy and super high demand routes into congested airspace/airports.


All for narrow body destination flexiblity but how about manufacturers giving passengers 2″ more knee space as compensation for the much longer flight durations..

Gerry S

@Gary: It is not the plane maker who determines knee space, it is the buyer. Wait till you see Southwests bathroom on the MAX I heard that if you are big you have to enter it backwards because there is no room to turn around. Let us see what customers think when MAX is back in service.


I think only listing only the 32 A350 net orders does not show the strength of the airframe. Yes, there were cancellations, but also significant new orders, showing that airlines like the plane: 50 Emirates, 17 Starlux, 20 Lufthansa, 10 AirFrance…

Who, apart from Etihad, has cancelled A350s? I cannot fully see the difference between 113 total vs. 32 net orders.