How Much Is An Airbus A220 Worth In 2021?

168 Airbus A220 aircraft have been delivered to airlines around the world. Just this week, Réuinion’s Air Austral took delivery of its three mini-Airbus planes. With most of the cost of an Airbus A220 paid on delivery, it begs the question, “How much is an Airbus A220 worth in 2021?”

Airbus A220, Value, Worth
How much is an Airbus A220 worth in 2021? Photo: Airbus

Over the past couple of months, Simple Flying has explored the worth of several families of aircraft, from the Giant of the Skies to the Queen of the Skies. With the help of our friends over at and Collateral Verifications LLC, we decided to delve into just how much an Airbus A220 is worth, both new and used.

A new Airbus A220

Now is the perfect time to see how much a brand new Airbus A220-300 is valued at, seeing as three were just delivered last week. Airbus last published its list prices in 2018, where a brand new A220-300 was listed with a cost of $91.5 million. In 2019 the European giant made the call to discontinue list prices as airlines rarely end up paying them.

Everybody is familiar with the saying that a car loses value the second it drives of the forecourt. It seems as though the same may be true for an Airbus A220. Air Austral’s three shiny new A220s are listed with a current market value of $38.07 million. This is just 41.6% of the 2018 list price for the aircraft.

Air Austral, Airbus A220, Toulouse
Air Austral’s shiny new Airbus A220s are valued at $38.07m. Photo: Clément Alloing

Back in 2018, the A220-100 was given a list price of $81 million by Airbus. Delta Air Lines has the highest value Airbus A220-100. This is a 0.46-year-old aircraft registered as N141DU. The plane was delivered to the airline on March 8th and has a current market value of 33.5 million, 41.4% of the 2018 list price.

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What about a well-used A220?

Unsurprisingly, the lowest value Airbus A220 is the oldest of the type in service. This aircraft, registered as HB-JBA, is a 5.14-year-old A220-100. The plane was delivered to SWISS as the Bombardier C-Series back in June 2016. SWISS was the launch customer for the Bombardier C-Series. According to, the plane’s market value is currently $20.26 million. This is 60.5% of the value of the youngest A220-100 mentioned above.

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The oldest A220-300 was delivered to airBaltic back in November 2016. The 4.72-year-old aircraft was delivered to the airline as the C-Series, registered as YL-CSA. Unfortunately, no value is given for this aircraft of its sister YL-CSB.

Airbus A220, Value, Worth
airBaltic’s oldest A220-300s (not pictured) are worth more than Delta’s one-year-old -100s. Photo: Airbus

The youngest Airbus A220-300 with a value listed is YL-CSC. Delivered in March 2017, the aircraft is 4.4 years old. Its current market value is $26.43 million, 69.4% of the value of Air Austral’s shiny new jets. This is slightly surprising, as it is more than many of Delta’s much younger -100s, including two less than a year old listed as $25.95 million.

What do you make of the value of the Airbus A220? Was it more or less than you expected? Let us know what you think and why in the comments down below!