Stunning: Inside An Airbus A330neo Private Jet Concept

What could be better than a VIP configured Airbus A220 for private use? Why, an A330neo private jet, of course! With widebody comfort, a range that could take you around the world and more floor space to adapt the interior, if you’re in the market for a stunning VIP aircraft, the A330neo has it all.

Airbus has given us a taste of what could be inside the ACJ330neo. Photo: Airbus

Airbus has released some beautiful images of a concept private jet based on the A330neo airframe. The ACJ330neo takes one of the world’s most successful widebody airliners and evolves it into something truly breathtaking. Let’s take a look around.

Ripples on a pond

Entering this spacious private jet, guests would be treated to a futuristic holographic globe, showing the aircraft’s position in the world. It’s an interesting feature and certainly an upgrade from the IFE-based moving map we’re all accustomed to.

ACJ330neo interior
Forget the moving map; how about a holographic globe to show you where you are? Photo: Airbus

From there, a turn to the left would bring passengers into the master bedroom, office and bathroom. This self-contained space would feature a lounge space for personal meetings and work, leading into a bedroom with a full-sized king bed, clothes storage, and vanity. Further forward, a spacious bathroom with walk-in shower.

ACJ330neo interior
The bedroom is spacious, with room for a king size bed. Photo: Airbus
ACJ330neo interior
The master bathroom is luxuriously appointed. Photo: Airbus

Turning right at the globe takes guests into the communal areas. The first room is the lounge, where Airbus concept uses the idea of concentric circles, which it describes as ‘like ripples on a pond,’ to create a modern, welcoming interior.

ACJ330neo interior
The lounge area is modern and comfortable. Photo: Airbus

Seating is grouped at circular tables to encourage discussion and social interaction. Guests can choose between expansive sofas and comfortable recliners, while large TV screens can be used for entertainment or presentations. The circles theme is echoed in mood lighting on the ceiling.

ACJ330neo interior
Circular tables encourage social interaction. Photo: Airbus

Further aft, guests arrive at the curved conference table. Seating six, this can be used for meetings or dining throughout the flight.

ACJ330neo interior
The conference table doubles as a dining space. Photo: Airbus

Behind this, four generously proportioned private suites for gusts are presented. Each contains an office which can convert into a bedroom, along with an ensuite bathroom with shower.

At the rear of the cabin is seating for support staff of up to six, along with a large galley area capable of handling all catering needs. A second galley area in the nose of the aircraft and crew rest areas equip the aircraft to handle long flights with adequate crew onboard.

ACJ330neo interior
The layout uses concentric circles like ripples on a pond. Photo: Airbus

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Singing in Harmony

Airbus calls its new interior ‘Harmony’ and has specifically designed it for the A330neo corporate jet. It does say it can suit other Airbus widebodies, so if the A330 is just not large enough, this stunning design could easily translate to an A350XWB private jet.

Speaking about the concept, ACJ Head of Creative Design Sylvain Mariat commented,

“Harmony is a timeless and elegant design concept, because we dare to break the conventions that are traditionally imposed on us as cabin designers. Our creativity needs to be unique to fit the needs of our customers, as befits a host receiving their guests in their “world above the world.”

The ACJ330neo can transport as many as 25 passengers to a range of 10,400 NM. That’s more than 21 hours of nonstop flying, putting just about everywhere in the world within reach.