How To Fly On An Airbus A350 In Asia

If you like the Airbus A350 aircraft as much as we do, Asia is a great place to be! Two of the three largest operators of the A350 are Asian airlines, and there are plenty of routes both within Asia and internationally. In this article, we take a look at the many, and growing, ways to get onboard.

Cathay Pacific A350
Cathay Pacific A350. Photo: Cathay Pacific

The A350 in Asia

Of the 320 A350 aircraft delivered up to the end of October 2019, 179 of them are with Asia based airlines. Here is the full list of all Asian airlines and how many A350 they currently operate:

  • Air China (10)
  • Asiana Airlines (9)
  • Cathay Pacific (39)
  • China Airlines (14)
  • China Eastern Airlines (6)
  • Hainan Airlines (4)
  • China Southern Airlines (3)
  • Hong Kong Airlines (7)
  • Japan Airlines (4)
  • Malaysia Airlines (6)
  • Philippine Airlines (6)
  • Sichuan Airlines (4)
  • Singapore Airlines (41)
  • Thai Airways (12)
  • Vietnam Airlines (14)

Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific – plenty of routes

Both Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific have made a major commitment to the A350. They operate the second and third largest fleets of A350s currently (after Qatar Airways). And these are set to grow – Singapore Airlines have a further 25 on order, and Cathay Pacific 12.

Singapore Airlines A350
Singapore Airlines A350. Photo: Singapore Airlines

Both of these airlines offer plenty of opportunities to fly on shorter flights within Asia as well as, of course, on long haul routes. Cathay Pacific’s A350 destinations include Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Manila, Osaka, Seoul, Singapore, and Tokyo.

Fliers in Hong Kong can consider Hong Kong Airlines too. It serves Bangkok and Shanghai locally, and Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Vancouver long haul.

Cathay Pacific A350
Cathay Pacific A350 – plenty of chances to fly to or from Hong Kong. Photo: Cathay Pacific

Singapore Airlines likewise offers plenty of Asian routes, including Bangalore, Colombo, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kolkata, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, and Seoul. It also offers some of the best inflight experience and services around. Take a look at our review of Singapore Airlines’ A350 business class here.

Cathay Pacific Business Class
Cathay Pacific Business Class on the A350. Photo: Cathay Pacific

Flights within and from China

Many Chinese airlines are operating the A350, on domestic services as well as short and long haul international. Air China has the largest fleet and domestically flies the A350 between Beijing and Chengdu, Guangzhou and Shanghai. Within Asia, it adds Singapore and Osaka.

Air China A350
Air China currently operates the largest A350 fleet in China. Photo: emperornie via Wikimedia

China Eastern flies Shanghai to Hong Kong, and China Southern flies Guangzhou to both Beijing and Shanghai. Sichuan Airlines flies from Chengdu to Beijing, Shanghai, and Hangzhou.

Fly with ‘flag carriers’ of many countries

Major airlines in many Asia countries have taken up the A350, opening up plenty of ways to fly from many countries. The following is a summary of some of the main operators.

Taipei is a great place to fly from with China Airlines operating the A350 on many Asian routes – including Bangkok, Denpasar, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Okinawa. Osaka and Tokyo.

China Airlines A350 at Taipei
China Airlines A350 at Taipei. Photo: Ltdccba via Wikimedia

In Japan, the principal carrier Japan Airlines is operating the A350 on domestic routes only currently. They fly the A350-900 between Tokyo Haneda and Fukuoka, Okinawa, Osaka and Sapporo. It launched this in June 2019 with a new three-class layout just for these domestic services.

Malaysia Airlines flies its A350s between Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo, Osaka, and Sydney. It also serves London Heathrow, replacing its previous A380 service.

Thai Airways operates domestic flights between Bangkok and Phuket with the A350. And within Asia it serves Hong Kong, Nagoya, Osaka, Seoul and Shanghai.

Thai Airways A350
Thai Airways A350 – Another excellent way to experience the A350. Photo: Masakatsu Ukon via Wikimedia

In Korea, Asiana Airlines operates the A350 between Seoul and Jakarta, Osaka, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Singapore, as well as many long haul routes including London and Paris.

Aircraft and route data for this article have been sourced from Wikipedia, as well as airline websites. This is correct as of October 2019. Do bear in mind that routes and operating aircraft can change often. Also where a route is mentioned, it is quite likely that not all flights scheduled will be A350 – but this can be checked with airline schedules.