Air Mauritius Airbus A350 Returns To Paris Following Landing Gear Drama

An Air Mauritius Airbus A350 returned to Paris after departure. following a landing gear warning. The issue occurred on Tuesday during flight MK45 from Paris to Port Louis.

Air Mauritius Airbus A350
An Air Mauritius Airbus A350 returned to Paris with a landing gear issue. Photo: Anna Zvereva via Wikimedia

The flight in question was subsequently cancelled and, instead, flown the next day. However, It still departed Paris late. The exact problem is not entirely clear, although it was confirmed to be related to the aircraft’s landing gear. Thankfully, the aircraft landed back in Paris safety after a couple of loops in order to burn off or jettison excess fuel.

The flight in question

The flight which had the landing gear fault usually takes around 10 hours and 45 minutes. However, on Tuesday it took just one hour. This is as the aircraft received an unexpected landing gear warning. The warning meant that the crew levelled off at FL100.


The aircraft departed to the north of Paris and spent about 15 minutes shedding fuel prior to returning to the airport. The flight was on time for its departure. It is usually scheduled to arrive in Port Louis at 05:35 local, however, it landed back in Paris at 1725CET. The Aviation Herald reports that the aircraft used the same runway for takeoff and landing (26R).

Paris Charles De Gaulle
The aircraft landed on Charles De Gaulle’s runway 26R. Photo: Martin Abegglen via Wikimedia

Following the diversion, the aircraft landed safely. The aircraft’s registration is 3B-NBP. Indeed, it is a 1.7 year old Airbus A350-900. It took its first flight back in September 2017 and is the 145th aircraft of the type manufactured, according to

Delayed flight

The flight to Port Louis eventually departed over a day late. As it was carried out with the same aircraft, one can make an educated guess that the problem with the landing gear was rectified.


The aircraft eventually took off for Port Louis almost 32 hours late at just past midnight today CET. The aircraft flew in a roughly southeasterly direction to Port Louis, the capital city of Mauritius. Following the epic delay, the flight finally touched down at 12:43 local time (08:43 UTC).

Air Mauritius A350
The aircraft returned to Paris after dumping fuel. Photo:

Air Mauritius

Air Mauritius has two Airbus A350-900s. The aircraft involved in the incident was the first to be delivered. The second was delivered to the airline in 2017, meaning the average age of the airline’s fleet is 1.7 years.

The airline also has two Airbus A319s, four Airbus A330s, three Airbus A340s and three ATR 72s. This gives the airline’s entire fleet average age of 12.3 years. Despite being founded in 1967, the carrier did not actually commence operations until 1972, over five years later.

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