22 Giants Resting: Another Airbus A380 Arrives In Teruel

It seems as though Teruel is the place to be if you are an Airbus A380. Another of the aircraft from Etihad arrived at the storage facility today, bringing the total number of giants being stored in Teruel to 22.

Etihad, Airbus A380, Teruel
Etihad Airways has sent another Airbus A380 to Teruel for long-term storage. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Simple Flying

2020 was not a great year to be an Airbus A380. However, it is now starting to look that 2021 is an even worse year for most of the giant aircraft. While Emirates has brought the plane back to service, many airlines such as Etihad and Lufthansa have seemingly sealed the fate of the double-decker.

Another resident

Following another ferry flight today, Teruel now has 22 Airbus A380s. Etihad Airways provided the latest addition. While the airline has not formally declared the death of the A380 yet, it has said its return will be doubtful.

According to data from RadarBox.com, today’s flight to Teruel was operated by A6-APH, departing Abu Dhabi (AUH) as EY9124 at 08:57 this morning. The aircraft landed in Teruel shortly after 14:00 local time, taking a reasonably roundabout route to reach the storage facility.

Etihad, Airbus A380, Teruel
A6-APH took a rather roundabout route to Teruel. Photo: RadarBox.com

According to data from ch-avition.com, the aircraft took its first flight on December 22, 2015, before being delivered to the carrier on May 13th. As such, the aircraft is just 5.51 years young. With 486 seats across four cabins, the aircraft currently has a market value of $78.08 million. As of February 28th, the jet had completed 19,981 flight hours across 2,174 flight cycles.

According to FlightRadar24.com, the aircraft’s last passenger flight was on March 17th, 2020. This flight saw the plane flying for 12 hours from New York’s JFK Airport to Abu Dhabi as EY100. Days later, the airline’s entire fleet was grounded as the UAE banned flights to attempt to stem the spread of COVID-19.

In April, Etihad’s CEO revealed that the Airbus A380 is no longer commercially sustainable, leading to the type being parked indefinitely. It’s unclear if they’ll be back, but it would be a shame if Etihad didn’t resume A380 flights, given their youngest jet is just 4.47 years old.

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What do you call a group of A380s?

Swimming penguins are called a raft. There is a gaggle of geese, but what do you call a group of A380s? While the answer is a fleet, we also feel that the adjective ‘impressive’ works here.

Etihad, Airbus A380, Teruel
The A380 isn’t the only aircraft that Etihad has sent to Teruel. Photo: Getty Images

Apart from Emirates and Singapore Airlines, no airline took more than 14 A380s. That’s part of what makes this collection of 22 jets so special. Airlines worldwide have all decided that Teruel is the perfect place to store the giant of the skies.

With today’s arrival, the A380 fleet at the Spanish aircraft nursery comprises the following aircraft (dates are MM/DD/YYY, all data from ch-aviation.com except last flights, which are from FlightRadar24.com),

RegistrationSerial NumberAge (Years)AirlineArrival Date
F-HPJF6410.83Air France04/25/2020
F-HPJG679.76Air France04/25/2020
G-XLEA958.62British Airways11/20/2020
G-XLEB1218.38British Airways11/20/2020
G-XLEC1248.25British Airways12/03/2020
A6-APG1985.62Etihad Airways04/19/2021
A6-APJ2374.47Etihad Airways04/26/2021
A6-APD1806.41Etihad Airways05/11/2021
A6-APF1955.7Etihad Airways05/28/2021
A6-APE1916.1Etihad Airways06/15/2021
A6-APH1995.51Etihad Airways06/23/2021

How many airbus A380s do you think will end up in Teruel? Let us know what you think and why in the comments below!