Airlines Will Operate Just 11% Of Pre COVID A380 Flights In July

The world’s airlines are set to operate just 11% of the pre-COVID-19 Airbus A380s scheduled in July. Only four airlines have flights with the giant of the skies planned for this month, with most flights on Emirates’ books.

Airbus A380, Emirates, Schedule
The Airbus A380 will operate just a tenth of its pre-COVID schedule this month.

For many airlines, the Airbus A380 is a dying breed. Lufthansa has sent all but one of its giants to long-term storage that they may well never leave. However, a handful of airlines remain committed to the aircraft. Four airlines have scheduled A380 rotations this month, with even more looking to bring the type back in the future.

11% of pre-covid flights

It is no secret that the aviation industry is still hurting. Just earlier today, Simple Flying revealed that the EU market has only recovered to half of its pre-pandemic position. However, a bigger aircraft has more significant problems, with the A380 still only at 11% of its pre-covid prowess and unlikely to ever return there.

One milestone will be reached this month. July should be the first month since the pandemic began that Airbus A380 operations will exceed 1,000 flights. This month 1,166 flights are planned according to aviation data experts Cirium.

To compare this to before the pandemic, 10,738 flights were scheduled in July 2019, meaning flights are still at 10.8% of pre-crisis levels. With that being said, it’s an almost tenfold increase on 2020’s July figures, when 131 flights were operated, nearly one per Airbus A380 built.

Airbus A380, Emirates, Schedule
While flights are picking up, it’s nothing compared to other aircraft types. Data: Cirium

Unsurprisingly, a single airline is responsible for the bulk of July services. 1,055 flights or 90.5% of flights will be operated by Emirates, which has double daily A380 flights scheduled on some routes. China Southern will operate 102 flights with its fleet of five A380s, equating to 8.8%.

Korean Airlines has eight flights scheduled for July. This is a weekly rotation to Guangzhou and back. Korean Airlines’ flights count for 0.7% of this month’s schedule. While not even making up one-tenth of a percentage point, Asiana Airlines also has a flight scheduled. According to schedule data, a single A380 flight will operate from Seoul to Miyazaki in Japan, although tickets on this flight are not for sale.

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What about in August onwards?

Hopefully, things should get a little more interesting in August, with ANA confirmed to be operating two round trips to Hawaii. According to current schedule data, British Airways has 279 A380 flights scheduled for next month, although it looks increasingly unlikely that these will happen.

ANA’s Airbus A38-s will be returning to Hawaii next month. Photo: Airbus

Emirates isn’t expected to change its A380 plans too much, with an increase of 130 flights for the month. Meanwhile, Korean Airlines is set to almost match China Southern’s schedule, with 157 flights planned.

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