Which Airbus A380s Have Onboard Lounges?

One of the unique aspects of the A380 was that it gave airlines the chance to add new features to their planes. The aircraft’s size meant things like first class suites, showers, and onboard duty-free shops were now possible. But which airline opted to place an onboard lounge on their Airbus A380s?

Etihad Airways Airbus A380-861 A6-APF (2)
The A380 gave airlines the chance to experiment with new features that were simply impossible on smaller aircraft. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying


The airline most synonymous with the Airbus A380 is undoubtedly Dubai-based giant Emirates. The carrier features a horseshoe-shaped bar on its A380s, located in the rear part of the upper deck, behind the business class cabin. The lounge area seats eight passengers and has room for up to 26 in total (standing and sitting). The lounge and bar are open to all business and first class passenger flying passengers. 

Emirates A380 Bar and Lounge
Emirates features a unique horseshoe-shaped bar and lounge on its A380s. Photo: Emirates

Qatar Airways

Another airline with an onboard lounge on its A380s was Qatar Airways. With a distinct wave design, the mood lighting on the A380 made the lounge quite a welcoming space on long flights where it was deployed. However, with half of Qatar’s A380 fleet now retired, it’s unknown if we will see this area again.

Qatar Airways A380
While it only had 10 A380s, Qatar had a striking onboard lounge for its premium class passengers. Photo: Qatar Airways


Notable for its massive “Residence” suites on the A380, Etihad also featured a small lounge on its superjumbo. Named “The Lobby,” the lounge features a round table surrounded by seats on either side, with a bar on the wall behind. Seating is limited to only a handful of people due to this design.

Etihad Airways, COVID-19 Vaccine, All Crew
The future of the Etihad A380 fleet remains quite uncertain, with a good chance that it won’t fly again. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Simple Flying

Korean Air

While most airlines added features like suites and showers to their A380s, Korean Air took it a notch higher. In addition to its Dream Lounge and “Celestial Bar” on the A380, the carrier also features a duty-free shop onboard. The lounge features spectacular night lighting and signature cocktails.

Korean Air A380 lounge
Korean Air features both a lounge and duty-free store section on its A380. Photo: Korean Air


Soon to be merged with Korean, Asiana also features an onboard lounge on its A380 fleet. Located at the front of the upper deck, the lounge is rather small, seating only a handful of passengers. However, it does provide a relatively private area to enjoy a drink stretch your legs on very long flights.

Asiana Airbus A380 Frankfurt
Asiana’s A380 also features a small lounge in the front of the upper deck. Photo: Jake Hardiman – Simple Flying

Not everyone

While many carriers opted to experiment with their A380 amenities, other airlines stuck to making changes to their seats alone. Notable airlines without a lounge include Singapore Airlines, Air France, ANA (only counters), and several others.

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Overall, the retirement of the A380 likely means that we will lesser of luxuries like onboard showers, lounges, and bars in the next years. However, don’t expect them to disappear any time soon!

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