The World’s Airbus A380 Routes – An Ultimate Guide

Both Singapore Airlines and Emirates have begun to retire their fleets of Airbus A380 aircraft. However, with new aircraft still on order the aircraft isn’t disappearing from the skies just yet!

British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, WiFi
The A380 is an iconic aircraft. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

In case you’re still desperate to fly on the Airbus A380, Simple Flying has compiled a list of current Airbus A380 routes by airline in alphabetical order.

1. Air France

Air France Airbus A380 Routes
Air France has 10 Airbus A380s. Photo: Air France

Air France has a fleet of ten Airbus A380 aircraft based at Paris’s Charles De Gaulle Airport, flying to 11 destinations. From the Paris hub, flights connect to Abidjan, Atlanta, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Shanghai, and Washington.

Air France
Air France’s A380 routes. Image: GCMaps

2. All Nippon Airways

ANA Blue Airbus A380
ANA’s first Airbus A380 was delivered to the carrier in March. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

All Nippon Airways, or ANA, became the last operator to receive its first new Airbus A380 earlier this year. The carrier currently has two Airbus A380s which it operates between Tokyo and Honolulu. A third final A380 is set to join the fleet next year. All three will sport a turtle themed livery.

All Nippon Airways
ANA’s sole A380 route. Image: GCMap

3. Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines Airbus A380 Routes
Asiana Airlines has 6 Airbus A380s. Photo: tjdarmstadt via Wikimedia

Asiana Airlines operates a fleet of six Airbus A380s. Based out of Seoul, the airline flies these aircraft to seven destinations. The routes from Seoul are Bangkok, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York, Sydney, and, slightly closer to home, Tokyo.

Asiana Airlines
Asiana’s A380 routes. Image: GCMaps

4. British Airways

British Airways Airbus A380 Routes
BA’s A380s are based in London. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

British Airways has a fleet of 12 Airbus A380 aircraft. All of these aircraft are based in London, at the carrier’s home airport, Heathrow. From here, BA flies the aircraft to ten destinations. These are Boston, Chicago, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Singapore, Vancouver, and Washington.

British Airways
BA’s Airbus A380s focus on the North American market. Image: GCMaps

5. China Southern

China Southern will send its A380 to Melbourne for a month. Photo: Melv_L-MACASR via Wikimedia

China Southern has just five Airbus A380 aircraft and, as such, the routes provided by the airline are fairly limited. From Beijing, the carrier operates the aircraft to just two destinations, Guangzhou and Los Angeles. Earlier this year, the airline took one of its A380s to Beijing Daxing Airport to help test the facilities. China Southern will soon be sending the Airbus A380 to Melbourne for around a month in mid-January.

China Southern
China Southern’s A380 operations. Image: GCMaps

6. Emirates

Emirates is the world’s largest Airbus A380 operator. While the carrier has started using its early A380s for spares, it is also the only carrier with more than one of the aircraft still on order. The airline has 112 A380s in its fleet and flies to over 50 destinations. Full warning, the list of destinations is long, so feel free to skip to the next airline if you’re in a rush.

Emirates Airbus A380 Routes
Emirates has the world’s largest fleet of Airbus A380s. Photo: Tom Boon/Simple Flying

With the Airbus A380, Emirates flies from Dubai to: Amman, Amsterdam, Athens, Auckland, Bangkok, Barcelona, Beijing, Birmingham, Boston, Brisbane, Casablanca, Copenhagen, Dallas, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Glasgow, Guangzhou, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Houston, Jeddah, Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur, London (Heathrow and Gatwick), Los Angeles, Madrid, Manchester, Mauritius, Melbourne, Milan, Moscow, Mumbai, Munich, Muscat (the world’s shortest Airbus A380 route), New York, Nice, Osaka, Paris, Perth, Prague, Rome, San Francisco, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Taipei, Tokyo, Toronto, Vienna, Washington, and Zurich.

Emirates’ impressive A380 route network. Image: GCMaps

Emirates operates fifth freedom Airbus A380 flights between Sydney and Christchurch, and from Milan to New York.

7. Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways A380 Routes
Etihad has three daily A380 services to London. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Etihad has just 10 Airbus A380s on its books, all based in Abu Dhabi. From here, they fly to London, Melbourne, New York, Paris, Seoul, and Sydney, for a total of six destinations.

Etihad Airways
Etihad’s Airbus A380 network. Image: GCMaps

8. Hi Fly

The Hi Fly Airbus A380
Hi Fly is the only aircraft leasing company with an Airbus A380. Photo: Ibex73 via Wikimedia

Hi Fly’s sole Airbus A380 is intriguing, being that it is the only wet-lease A380 in the world. The aircraft used to work for Singapore Airlines, however, it now flies all over the world offering wet-lease and charter availability. Most recently, Norwegian Airlines has been using the aircraft. Hi Fly wants additional A380s to expand its offering. When not flying around the world, the aircraft is based in Beja, Portugal.

9. Korean Air

Korean Air’s Airbus A380s are painted predominately blue. Image: Aero Icarus via Flickr

There’s no prize for guessing that Korean Air’s Airbus A380 hub is Seoul. From here, the airline’s ten A380s serve six destinations. These are London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Sydney, and Taipei.

Korean Air
Korean Air’s A380s are based in Seoul. Image: GCMaps

10. Lufthansa

Lufthansa has a fleet of 14 Airbus A380 aircraft. These are spread across Frankfurt and Munich Airport. The schedule is due to change as the German flag carrier moves more aircraft to Munich, however, Lufthansa currently flies to 12 destinations from Frankfurt and six from Munich.

Lufthansa Airbus A380
Lufthansa’s A380s will be split equally across Frankfurt and Munich. Photo: Pexels

From Frankfurt, Lufthansa flies to Bangkok, Beijing, Delhi, Hong Kong, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Seoul, Shanghai, and Singapore. Meanwhile, from Munich, the airline flies to Beijing, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, and Shanghai.

Lufthansa is one of a handful of airlines with two A380 bases. Image: GCMaps

11. Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines A380s
Malaysia Airlines has just six Airbus A380s. Photo: Alex Beltyukov via Wikimedia

Malaysia Airlines has a modest fleet of just six Airbus A380 aircraft. These are based in Kuala Lumpur and fly to just two destinations; Hong Kong and London. However, the airline will soon be sending its A380 to Sydney on a handful of dates in December.

Malaysian Airlines
Malaysia’s A380 route network. Image: GCMaps

12. Qantas

Qantas is the flag carrier of Australia. The airline has a fleet of 12 Airbus A380s which are based in Sydney and Melbourne. The aircraft fly both east and west from both hubs, serving as far away as London.

Qantas A380
Qantas is Australia’s flag carrier. Photo: Qantas

From Sydney, the Australian carrier heads to five destinations. These are Dallas, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, and Singapore. Meanwhile, from Melbourne, the options are slightly more restricted. These routes are Dubai, Los Angeles, and Singapore.

Qantas also has two Airbus A380 hubs. Image: GCMaps

13. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways A380
Qatar is looking to retire it’s Airbus A380 fleet. Photo: Mohammed Tawsif Salam via Wikimedia

Qatar Airways is another airline that has signaled its intent to retire the Airbus A380. The airline’s fleet of ten aircraft is based in Doha. From here the aircraft fly to a total of eight destinations. These destinations are Bangkok, Frankfurt, Guangzhou, London, Melbourne, Paris, Perth, and last but by no means least, Sydney.

Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways’ A380 network. Image: GCMaps

14. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines was the launch customer of the Airbus A380. However, like Emirates, the airline has already begun to scrap some of its earlier aircraft. One of Singapore Airlines’ A380s is the previously mentioned Hi Fly aircraft.

Singapore Airlines Airbus A380
Singapore Airlines was the Airbus A380’s launch customer. Photo: Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines currently has 19 Airbus A380 aircraft in operation. These aircraft fly to 13 different destinations from the airlines home airport in Singapore. The routes offered by the airline are Auckland, Beijing, Delhi, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Melbourne, Mumbai, Paris, Shanghai, Sydney, Tokyo, and Zurich.

Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines has a fairly developed A380 network. Image: GCMaps

15. Thai Airways

Thai Airways A380
Thai Airways has a smaller A380 operation. Photo: Masakatsu Ukon via Flickr

Our last airline in terms of alphabetical order is Thai Airways. The flag carrier of Thailand has a smaller Airbus A380 operation with six of the aircraft currently in use. These six aircraft are based in Bangkok where they fly to five destinations. The destinations Thai Airways uses the Airbus A380 to are Frankfurt, London, Osaka, Paris, and Tokyo.

Thai Airways
Last but not least, Thai Airways’ route map. Image: GCMaps


In the last 1000 words, we’ve summarised 152 Airbus A380 routes for you, which are correct as of now. However, as airline schedules continue to evolve, this could be subject to change. Unfortunately, with some airlines already looking to retire the aircraft, and no new orders being accepted, the network is likely to shrink in the not too distant future.

Have you flown on the Airbus A380? Which route did you take and what did you think? Let us know in the comments!

Airline fleet taken from Airbus order books as of 31st of August. Route data as per on September 9th and 10th.

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singapore a380 also flies to NY-JFK via frankfurt

Paul Z

Interestingly enough, the A380 currently doesn’t service South America! Even with Emirates extensive network, you’d at least expect to see it in Brazil.


EK261 Dubai – Sao Paulo and EK 262 Sao Paulo – Dubai return are listed as A380 flights


EK261 to GRU = A380


I’ll take the 747-8 anyday over the A380


There is no South American routes with the A380


Etihad on longer fly the A380 to Melbourne. They opted for 2x daily 789/77W services. Hopefully it’ll be back soon though ignore Etihad’s numbers go up


I’ve flown the a380 twice. Both Dulles to Paris. The first flight was in coach, but we were lucky enough get seats on the upper deck. Much better than the lower level of coach. My second flight was the same route but in business. The Air France a380’s are tired and getting worn. However, with that said, business is far superior than premium economy or economy. I do like the quiet smooth ride the a380 gives you.

Michael Fennell

Having taken my first flight at the age of 4 in 1950, trans Atlantic on a ( Connie) Super Constalation to the Emarites A380 recently Auckland to London including a number of years in the RAF I can honestly say the A380 is probably the best aircraft i have ever had the chance to fly in, and there have been many to choose from.


Qantas does not seem to operate the route Melbourne Dubai, please check and fix the article


I supposed China Southern also flies A380 from Beijing to Amsterdam.

Victor Eguchi

You forgot flights EK261 and EK262, which are a daily DBX-GRU/GRU-DBX A388 service to Brasil, and the only A380 regular flight to South America.
Just saw it at its gate about 1h ago.

Keith Bell

Flew Manchester to Bankok via Dubia on Emirates A380. It was a fantastic experience even in economy the service was excellent. The interior was well appointed and very comfortable. Best aeroplane ever.


On very long haul the A380 is my aircraft of choice to fly, it’s quiet and comfortable, it will be a shame when it’s withdrawn from service,
Routes flown have been Lhr Chc 3 times, Lhr Syd 5 times, coming up shortly will be another Lhr Chc trip


Smoothest flight I have been on and the space to take walks or do some streching on long flights is incomparable.

Tim Chau

I fly to Hong Kong in a BA A380. It’s very comfortable, quite, seat is wide and economy has plenty room. It’s the best plane all round, steady in flight and very secure with 4 engines at 40,000 feets. I am sorry to see it goes.

Zanther Autobang

BOS-MUC will be served by an A380 from LH.