How Much Is An Airbus A380 Worth In 2021?

How much is an Airbus A380 worth? It’s an interesting question. Some might say the aircraft is worthless, given the lack of a second-hand market. To others, such as British Airways, the aircraft remains a valuable tool to unlock highly slot constrained hubs.

Airbus A380, Value, 2021
How much is an Airbus A380 worth in 2021? Photo: Getty Images

The Airbus A380 has had a rough ride over the past few years. Way before the start of the pandemic, Airbus had already decided that it was no longer commercially viable to continue offering the giant of the skies as part of its product lineup. The pandemic has done the mammoth jet no favors.

So how much does an Airbus A380 cost?

It’s impossible to say for sure how much an Airbus A380 is worth, given the impact of COVID-19, tied with a non-existent second-hand market. With that being said, does list the market value of most Airbus A380 aircraft, provided by Collateral Verifications LLC.

As is typical with aircraft and most assets, their value goes down with age. Airbus stopped publishing its list prices in 2019. In 2018, the giant A380 had a list price of $445.6 million, although this could vary with configuration. It is unusual for airlines to pay list price, and the actual prices paid for aircraft are a closely guarded commercial secret.

Qatar A380
In 2018 the list price of an Airbus A380 was over $400 million. Photo: Getty Images.

A brand new Airbus A380

The world’s leading Airbus A380 operator, Emirates, took delivery of its latest Airbus A380 a week ago. While we’ll likely never know how much money exchanged hands for the aircraft, lists its value as $110.6 million. This is just a quarter of the jet’s 2018 list price.

ANA’s newest of three Airbus A380s has to date only been delivered on paper. While it belongs to ANA, it remains in the care of Airbus. This aircraft is currently valued at $92.95M, $17.65 million less than Emirates’ newest jet.

The cheaper end of the spectrum

Older aircraft with more use under their belts are understandably worth less than their brand new counterparts. The cheapest Airbus A380 with a listed market value is from Emirates, putting it at both ends of the spectrum. A6-EDA was the 11th A380 to be built, with an age of 13.72 years, the aircraft is one of the oldest A380s.

Emirates A380
Emirates’ newest A380 (not pictured) is the only one listed at over $100 million. Photo: Getty Images.

As a result, it is now valued at less than half of the airline’s newest aircraft. According to’s data, the aircraft has flown 49,632 hours across 6,098 flight cycles. Its current listed market value is $41.05 million.

Of course, some may argue that the aircraft has no value, as nobody would be willing to buy them. To date, only one aircraft has been picked up on the second-hand market, and this has now been retired. If this were the case, the aircraft would still have value locked in its spare parts and even scrap materials.

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