The World’s Airbus A380s Have Flown For Over 753 Years Combined

The Airbus A380 may have seemed like a short-lived type. However, when you combine flight hours from the more than 200 aircraft that have been built, they really start to add up. Between them, the global fleet has clocked total flight hours equating to more than 753 years!

Airbus A380, Flight Hours, Fleet
Between them, the world’s A380s have flown for more than 753 years. Photo: Getty Images

Over the past couple of months, the Airbus A380 has made an impressive rise from the ash like a phoenix. A year ago it very much seemed as though there was no hope left for the type with pictures of jets in storage around the world becoming commonplace. It now seems there is a future for the giant jet after all.

753 years?

Thanks to data from our friends over at, we’ve calculated that between them, the Airbus A380s built so far have clocked more than 6,601,336 hours of flights, equating to 753 years worth of flights. We say ‘more than’ as there are a few caveats to this data. Firstly, the data only extends until July 31st for most aircraft, and over a quarter of the fleet has now returned to the skies adding additional flights.

The other caveat is that flight hour data isn’t available for 11 more aircraft, including four A380s that have recently been delivered, or are yet to be delivered. Bar these 11 aircraft, we also know how many flight cycles had been operated by the aircraft. 795,229 flights have been operated by the aircraft so far.

Airbus A380, Flight Hours, Fleet
Close to 800,000 flight cycles have been operated by the global fleet. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

The most used A380s

Obviously, some A380s have been used more than others, after all, two are still yet to be delivered to Emirates, and thus have negligible hours on them. Earlier this year we looked at which airlines in Europe used the Airbus A380 the most, but we thought we’d also take a look at which individual aircraft had been used the most.

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Singapore Airlines claims a one-two when it comes to the most used Airbus A380s for which data exists. The 13.77-year-old 9V-SKF has clocked the most hours of any A380 yet, with 52,499 hours across 6,592 flight cycles, which equates to just six years. This is just 0.8% of the fleet total. Its sister, the recently scrapped 9V-SKG, comes in second place with 51,391 flight hours across 6,540 flight cycles.

Singapore Airlines, Airbus A380, Scrapped
Some Airbus A380s have already been scrapped. Photo: Getty Images

Qantas comes in third place with VH-OQC, its third Airbus A380. At 13.32 years old, this giant quadjet had so far flown for 50,802 hours (5.79 years). According to the data, there are three more A380s that have exceeded 50,000 hours of logged flights, with two owned by Singapore Airlines, and one more owned by Qantas. The Qantas jet recently became the first Airbus A380 to return to Australia since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Were you aware that the world’s Airbus A380s had clocked so many flight hours? Let us know what you think and why in the comments!