The Airbus ACJ319neo: A Cinema, 15 Hour Range – The World’s Best Private Jet?

The Airbus Corporate Jet scene is full of interesting planes. From the ACJ Two-Twenty to the humongous ACJ350XWB, Airbus has catered to all manner of customers with its wide-ranging product line up. But one product really hits the ‘Goldilocks’ zone of things, and that’s the ACJ319neo.

Fancy a cinema at 41,000 feet? The ACJ319neo can do that. Photo: Airbus

The ACJ319neo

The ACJ319neo sits in the perfect middle of the ACJ range. It’s big, but not too big, efficient, but with loads of range, and boasts all the creature comforts and luxury a discerning client would expect from their private jet.

It’s one of two of the neo narrowbody line up that is offered from the modern aircraft family. In keeping with their commercial counterparts, these jets have the tallest and widest cabins of any business jet aircraft, as well as the neo engines and characteristic sharklets for improved efficiency.

Out of the two, the ACJ319neo is the optimal business jet. Its width and length are similar to that of its competitors, and yet the interior space is significantly larger. Being smaller and lighter than the ACJ320neo, it can fly just that little bit further too. More than 15 hours of nonstop flying is possible, even with eight passengers onboard, giving it a range of 6,750 NM, enough to travel from LA to Beijing or Moscow in one hop.

The Airbus ACJ319neo: A Cinema, 15 Hour Range – The World’s Best Private Jet?

The ACJ319neo is designed to fly at 41,000 feet, thereby avoiding most turbulence and other airline traffic. The pressurized cabin translates that altitude to below 6,400 feet, for passenger comfort, 15% lower than its closest competitor. It can be specified to have removable auxiliary fuel tanks for greater range, as well as integrated airstairs for autonomous airport operations.

The most luxurious interior

Fitting out an ACJ139neo is all about personal taste. However, Airbus has floated perhaps the most lavish interior imaginable thanks to a partnership with Italian supercar maker Atelier Pagani Automobili. They call the cabin Infinito.

The whole thing screams Pagani, with thoughtful detailing and innovative use of materials throughout the cabin. The most groundbreaking design element of this concept has to be the ‘sky ceiling,’ which delivers real-time views of the skies above the aircraft, just as if it didn’t have a roof on at all.

The ‘sky ceiling’ is the crowning glory of the ACJ319neo. Photo: Airbus

Horacio Pagani, founder & Chief Designer of Pagani Automobili SpA commented on the design saying,

“Art and Science can walk together hand in hand: this is the Pagani philosophy. The combination of state-of-the-art composite materials never used before in an aircraft, such as CarboTitanium, with the typical design language of Pagani Automobili, has always represented our signature. Applying our Renaissance touch into the wider spaces of Airbus corporate jet cabins is the beginning of an exciting new venture for us.”

Touches of soft leather are offset by real wood and carbon fiber, reminiscent of what you’d expect to find in your Pagani Huayra. The cabin is divided into various living areas, including a lounge, a dining area and even a cinema. Each cabin area is separated by transparent dividers, which turn opaque at the touch of a button.

If you’re in love with the Infinito, you’d better have deep pockets. The basic Airbus ACJ319neo purchase price starts at $99.5 million, and that’s before you start on the cost of the Infinito interior. Lottery win, anyone?