Airbus Looks Set To Win Huge Air Arabia Order In Dubai

For a while now, rumors have been abuzz that Air Arabia is ready to place a huge order for at least 100 aircraft at the Dubai Airshow. While both Boeing and Airbus were reportedly in the running, sources close to the airline has told Reuters that they expect Airbus to claim the order.

Air Arabia, Dubai Airshow, Airbus

Air shows are great places for anybody following aviation news. They are a place to hold press conferences, display new products, and most importantly, to engage with others in the industry. With the Dubai Airshow starting in just two days’ time, expect a flurry of orders to be announced.

Air Arabia order

Rumors have been in the air for a couple of weeks now that Air Arabia is planning to announce a sizeable aircraft order at the 2019 Dubai Air Show. This could see either Airbus or Boeing securing 100 or more orders from the UAE low-cost carrier.

It would appear that both the Airbus A320 family and the Boeing 737 MAX family could be on the cards. Now, both manufacturers have bonuses. For Airbus, this is a history with Air Arabia. The carrier currently operates the Airbus A320. This means that Airbus has already founded a relationship with the carrier. Additionally, Airbus’ product is not currently grounded.

Air Arabia, Airbus, Dubai Airshow
Air Arabia is a UAE-based low-cost carrier. Photo: Air Arabia

However, despite its global grounding, the Boeing 737 MAX shouldn’t have been immediately ruled out. In fact, the International Airlines Group caught the world by surprise when it announced a letter of intent for 200 of the aircraft to be sent to Vueling and British Airways.

Were Air Arabia to choose the Boeing 737 MAX at this point in time, they could likely get a hefty discount on the aircraft’s list price, especially with the size of the potential order. Recently Boeing announced that it expected the 737 MAX to be recertified in the coming weeks. This would lead to a reintroduction to service in January 2020.

Airbus could win the order

Airbus is currently in the lead to win the Air Arabia order according to Reuters. Two unnamed sources have told the publication as much. While the sources are anonymous, Reuters does have a good reputation when it comes to scoping out fake news, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be true.

Air Arabia, Airbus, Dubai Airshow
Any potential order could be announced at the Dubai Airshow later this month. Photo: Air Arabia

Last month Air Arabia signed an agreement with Etihad to establish a new low-cost carrier for the United Arab Emirates. As such, at least part of this order could go towards establishing the new entity.

Simple Flying has contacted representatives of Airbus and Air Arabia for comment.

Do you think Air Arabia will place its big order at the Dubai Airshow? Will it be for Airbus or Boeing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!