Airbus To Bring Complete Product Line To Dubai Airshow


With the Dubai Airshow set to start on Sunday, companies are beginning to announce what they will have on show at the event. Yesterday, Boeing announced its focus will be on safety, innovation and partnerships. Meanwhile, Airbus will be bringing its full product line.

Airbus, Dubai Airshow, 2019
Airbus’ full product lineup will be on show in Dubai. Photo: Airbus

The Dubai Airshow occurs in the fourth quarter of the year every other year. The show is an opportunity for aviation-focused companies from around the world to come together and showcase their products in one place. This year, Airbus will have at least one each of its current products on display from a variety of different airlines.

Every aircraft on display

Airbus will have at least one of each of its current aircraft on display at this year’s Dubai Airshow from the Airbus A220 all the way up to the giant of the skies, the A380. While some of these aircraft will be from Airbus themselves, the remainder will be from Airbus customers.

Airbus, Dubai Airshow, 2019
EgyptAir will be bringing the Airbus A220 to Dubai. Photo: Airbus

The lineup will be kicked off with the Airbus A220. Coming from EgyptAir the aircraft will be on static display. The next aircraft up, the Airbus A320neo, will also be on static display, coming from Oman’s Salam Air.

Moving up to the widebody aircraft, Airbus will be bringing its own A330neo, the A330-900. This aircraft will take part in the flying displays. This will be accompanied by the Airbus A350-900 which will remain on the ground as part of the static display.

What about the Airbus A380?

Airbus will actually have two Airbus A380s on display in Dubai. One aircraft will be supplied by Emirates, with the other coming from Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Airways. You may wonder why Airbus is bringing the A380, seeing as it announced the end of the program in February.


While Airbus is no longer planning to manufacture the Airbus A380, it is still supporting the aircraft’s second-hand market. In March, the manufacturer told Simple Flying that this means sitting down with potential customers and working out how the A380 would fit into their operations. They mentioned Hi Fly as an example, stating that with Airbus’ help, the carrier completed their quickest roll out to service.

Airbus, Dubai Airshow, 2019
Emirates will bring the Airbus A380 to Dubai. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Airbus also told Simple Flying:


“A380s will fly for many years to come and we will, of course, continue to fully support the operators”

Beyond its line of commercial aircraft, other aircraft from Airbus will also be on show including Emirates’ corporate A319, and the Military A400M.

Which aircraft are you most excited to see at the Dubai Airshow? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!