Airbus Receives No New Orders In February 2020

Airbus received no new aircraft orders in February 2020. The news follows a similar announcement from Boeing for January of this year. The news means that Airbus has seen a significant drop month on month having received 274 aircraft orders in January.

Airbus, No Orders, February
Airbus, unfortunately, clocked no new aircraft orders in February. Photo: Getty Images

It’s always a shame for any manufacturer when they clock no aircraft orders. This was the case for Boeing in January. However, now Airbus has joined the ‘no order party’, with no new aircraft orders during the whole of February. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. The European aircraft manufacturer delivered a total of 55 aircraft throughout the month.

So, what orders remain?

Obviously, with no new orders, it’s difficult to report on the orders that have been received. As such, let’s take a look at Airbus’ existing delivery commitments. As of the 29th of February, the European manufacturer had 7,670 outstanding aircraft orders. This comes from a pool of 20,382 aircraft orders since Airbus was created almost 51 years ago.

Currently, the majority of undelivered aircraft come from the Airbus A320 family. In fact, around 80 percent or 6,209 undelivered aircraft come from this family. The next biggest aircraft families by outstanding orders are the A350 with 577 aircraft, and the A220 with 547. Next is the A330neo with 328 orders.

Airbus production line
At the end of February Airbus had 7,670 outstanding orders to fulfill. Photo: Getty Images

Sadly, last but not least is the Airbus A380. Just nine orders for the giant of the skies remain unfilled. One is bound for All Nippon Airways in April, and the remainder are heading to Emirates before the program is finally wound down for good.

Notable February deliveries

While Airbus secured no new orders during the course of February, it did deliver a number of notable aircraft. Firstly, the manufacturer delivered Aeroflot’s very first Airbus A350-900, the first of 22 aircraft.

Additionally, SWISS of the Lufthansa Group took delivery of its very first Airbus A320neo, of which it has 25 on order. A couple of other operators also took delivery of their first A320neos. They were the Saudi low-cost carrier FLYADEAL also received its first Airbus A320neo alongside EgyptAir.

Airbus, No Orders, February
Aeroflot took delivery of its first Airbus A350 during February. Photo: Getty Images

Unfortunately, the ongoing coronavirus situation across the globe has lead to a decrease in the utilization of aircraft. This is tired with a decrease in passenger demand across the globe. As such, some airlines have looked to defer aircraft deliveries.

However, at the recent airlines for Europe conference in Brussels, the message was clear that it was too early for a big impact on aircraft orders. This is because airline orders work on a much longer time frame then coronavirus is expected to impact.

What do you make of Airbus’ zero February aircraft orders? An anomaly, or a sign of things to come? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.