Airbus Decides To Halt Aircraft Manufacture At Mobile Plant

Airbus will halt aircraft production at its site in Mobile, Alabama due to the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. Manufacturing at the plant will pause this week and will last up until April 29th.

Airbus A220
Airbus is making some important but temporary changes to its manufacturing process this week. Photo: Airbus

Still active

According to a company press release, some work will still be handled at Mobile. Jobs include fixes within the building and some aircraft maintenance. Other administrative tasks will also be taken on at the site but no production work will be completed.

The site is called the Airbus U.S. Manufacturing Facility. An A320 family final assembly line opened here in September 2015. The location is also used as a final assembly line for the A220 family’s US-based customers.

Additionally, German-based production sites will see a break in manufacturing this month. Stade will pause production until April 11th while Bremen will have downtime until April 27th.

Airbus Mobile
The Mobile site helps Airbus meet the demand for customers in the United States. Photo: Airbus

Deep impact

Airbus explained that its recent decision to pause production at these sites is a direct reaction to the impact that the coronavirus pandemic is having on its operations. Nonetheless, the firm is doing the best it can to ensure that its customers’ needs are met.

“These actions are being taken in response to several factors related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic including high inventory levels in the sites and the various government recommendations and requirements which impact at different stages of the overall industrial production flow,” Airbus said according to its press release.

“Airbus remains committed to meeting customer demand.”

The manufacturer shared that these initiatives are part of a wider effort to tackle the virus crises. It has carried out greater work alongside its partners to ensure the health and safety of its staff. The company has been implementing strict measures while making sure that the business keeps running.

Airbus Mobile
The A320 Family final assembly line in Mobile has been in action for five years. Photo: Airbus

Shift in the market

Regardless, a little downtime in production may not be as detrimental for airlines as it would have this time last year. Usually, most carriers are eager to get their hands on new planes to progress with their goals. However, with 75 percent of flights across the globe down, many operators are trying to push new aircraft deliveries back.

Altogether, it is a tough period for both airlines and manufacturers alike. Low demand and travel restrictions have forced airlines to cut several of their flights and ground most of their aircraft around the world. With several nations reviewing their travel restriction policies this month, April is set to be a crucial month for the direction of the aviation industry.

What are your thoughts on Airbus having to halt manufacturing at its site in Alabama? Have you been affected by any of the market changes in the last few months? Let us know what you think of the situation in the comment section.