Airbus Delivers 72 Aircraft In October

Airbus has released its October numbers. The European aircraft manufacturer delivered a total of 72 passenger aircraft in October 2020, stretching from the small A220 to the behemoth A380. Here’s a look at the deliveries in the last month.

Airbus formation
Airbus delivered just over 70 aircraft last month. Photo: Airbus

The October deliveries

The deliveries were spread across the following aircraft types:

  • 12 A220s
  • 43 A320 Family aircraft
  • Four A330s
  • 12 A350s
  • One A380
MEA A321neo
MEA took the 10,000th Airbus A320 family aircraft in October. Photo: Airbus

Some notable deliveries this quarter included Delta Air Lines’ first Airbus A220-300, which was also the first American-built A220, the first A321LR for SAS, the first A330-800s for Kuwait Airways, and, recently, ANA’s Airbus A380. Another very special mention goes to the 10,000th Airbus A320 family jet, which went to MEA.

The rare Airbus A330-800 has been delivered to Kuwait Airways. Photo: Airbus

2020 was looking like it would be a good year for Airbus deliveries. The aircraft manufacturer was coming off a successful 2019. Since the global crisis began to unfold, Airbus saw its delivery numbers slip. However, as the second-half of 2020 began, Airbus began to increase its deliveries as the industry recovered around the world.

Many of the deliveries occurred without all of the pomp and circumstance of other previous deliveries. The global health crisis, combined with travel restrictions, has reduced the appeal of holding such events for the foreseeable future.

SAS took an Airbus A321LR in October. Photo: Airbus

Over the coming few months, it would not be surprising for A220s and A320s to dominate the deliveries as carriers prefer to take smaller aircraft. In addition, given the massive backlog of A320 family jets, these aircraft will power many Airbus’ deliveries for the time to come.

Airlines and aircraft deliveries

There are a few reasons why some airlines took delivery of new jets. While much of the news coming out of the industry on fleet is regarding aircraft delivery deferrals, some airlines want to take new planes.

Some aircraft, like the Airbus A220 and A320neo family, make sense because they are smaller, fuel-efficient, and allow airlines to retire older aircraft as the recovery continues, modernize their fleets, and reduce fuel and maintenance costs. Not to mention, with travel demand quite low, it is much easier to fill up an A320 than an A350. Not to mention, aircraft like the A320 are better suited for short-haul narrowbody operations.

Airbus A320neo
The Airbus A320neo makes up the bulk of Airbus’ aircraft order backlog. Photo: Getty Images

Other aircraft, however, are not exactly conducive to the global crisis like the A380 and A350. However, while some carriers definitely wanted some of those planes, others had to take the aircraft because of contractual delivery obligations. Even though there is room to defer, Airbus also wants to eliminate some of its parked aircraft by delivering them to customers.

What about aircraft orders?

Airbus did not secure any massive orders of 100 new A320neo family jets, but it did net 11 orders. This includes six of the A220 private jet, four A320neo jets, and one A320neo private jet.

This brings 2020’s gross orders to 381 aircraft by October 31st. Net orders totaled 308. Airbus still has a backlog of 7,377 aircraft, comprising 507 A220s, 6,010 A320 family aircraft, 313 A330s, 539 A350s, and only eight A380s.

What do you think about Airbus’ October deliveries? Are you glad to see these numbers? Let us know in the comments!