Large Part Drops Off Of Airbus Aircraft Near Toulouse

A piece of an Airbus aircraft has fallen into a garden near Toulouse. Toulouse plays host to Airbus’ headquarters, and it is possible that the piece came from an aircraft being tested.

Airbus, Toulouse, Aircraft Part
A piece of an Airbus Aircraft fell on the village of Daux near Toulouse. Image: PxHere

Thankfully, instances of pieces of aircraft falling from the skies are fairly rare. However, they can have serious consequences. For example, what if it had fallen on a house? Even worse, what if it had injured a passer-by? For this very reason, when parts of aircraft do fall from the skies, especially above a populated area, the incent will tend to make the news.

What happened?

The specific details of the incident appear to be fairly scarce, however, Aerotime has pulled together a rough “what happened” of the incident. It appears as though the incident actually happened earlier in November. A composite panel measuring 1 meter long and half a meter wide was found in a garden in the village of Daux, near Toulouse.

While the piece of aircraft was reportedly located on the 19th of November, it is unclear whether it fell earlier than this date. The discovery of the part was reportedly only made public yesterday. Aerotime reports that very few commercial flights pass over Daux, meaning that it was likely an Airbus aircraft.

Airbus, Toulouse, Aircraft Part
The approximate location of the incident. Image: Open Source Maps / Simple Flying

When approached for comment, an Airbus spokesperson told Simple Flying:

“We can confirm that an aircraft part has been found and we are investigating the issue.”

Other recent incidents

In July an Airbus A220 operated by SWISS diverted to Paris following an engine failure. Parts of the engine were lost in the incident. As a result, investigators planned to search a suspected landing area for the part earlier this month. The part they were looking for was “a piece of titanium of about 70cm in diameter” which may have broken into several pieces.

However, while the part found in Daux was handed to investigators, this is not always the case. In September 2017, an Air France Airbus A380 suffered an uncontained engine failure. The incident occurred over Greenland with parts of the engine falling to the ground.

A380 Engine Part Recovery
A part was found buried deep within the snow. Photo: Dick van As of Greenland Guidance

In order to recover the pieces, investigators had to mount four expeditions to the predicted landing site of the parts. With the help of robots and sensors, they were able to recover parts of the aircraft buried under snow almost two years later. As a result of the recovery of the parts, investigators were able to better piece together exactly what had happened during the engine failure.

Which aircraft do you think the part might have come from? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!