Airbus Reveals Singapore Airlines New Ultra Long Range Aircraft

The future of air travel is constantly undergoing changes as market innovators such as aircraft manufacturer Airbus, continuously search for ways to upgrade products and offer something no one has before. The market recently saw the creation of Airbus’ ultra-long-range A350 XWB, the airplane that will serve the longest commercial route on behalf of Singapore Airlines, its launch customer. Although the plane has still not been added to Singapore Airlines’ fleet, it is going through the final stages of production and is being prepared to make a significant change in the carrier’s evolution.

The Long Range Singapore Airlines A350

Airbus’ A350 XWB is the manufacturer’s aircraft family of long-range, twin-engine widebody aircraft. Singapore Airlines became the launch customer for the aircraft as it has official plans of employing the plane on its Singapore to New York flight, which is the world’s longest flight. The A350-900ULR employed for the job is powered by the efficient Rolls-Royce engines, lightweight carbon fiber structure and upgraded fuel systems to achieve efficiency. Overall, the A350 long-range SIA plane is technologically advanced and is to contribute to a 25% fuel reduction for Singapore Airlines on it service. The maintenance costs of the plane have also been substantially reduced, improving the overall cost of operating the A350.

The maintenance costs of the plane have also been substantially reduced, improving the overall cost of operating the A350.


The Singapore Airlines A350 LR is to cover 16,700km on the service from Singapore to New York and take a total of 18hrs 4S5m to transport passengers to their final destination, surpassing today’s longest flight between Auckland and Doha with a Boeing 777-200LR.


The Flight Experience

From October 11th, Singapore Airlines’ passengers would be able to fly on this incredible journey and the world’s first, as the carrier will be introducing three times a week with expectations to increase the frequency to a daily service by October. The flight service will not be selling any Basic Economy tickets for this journey as the aircraft has a seating capacity of 161 seats, including 67 business class seats and 94 premium-economy seats. The overall passenger comfort of the aircraft is unmatched, which is understandable as a non-stop service of 18 hours is not an easy endeavor.

The plane has been developed to function in an extremely quiet way. It includes twin-aisle airliner cabins, with nice and wide windows at every seat. The aircraft offers benefits such as a flexible light system that adjusts passenger’s sight to the time changes while flying. The seating is beyond comfortable, with ergonomic accommodations. The idea behind the seating arrangement of the airplane is that passengers are offered a chance to really get the sleep they desire while traveling and leave the plane relaxed and replenished.

Premium Economy A350
The A350 ultra long-range will not provide Basic Economy seats but only Premier Economy and Business Class.

Singapore Airlines has a total of seven A350 ultra-long-range airplanes on order and its first aircraft is almost complete and ready to join the carrier’s fleet.


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