Airbus Reveals Stunning A220-100 Business Jet

Airbus has today unveiled a beautiful business jet, based on the frame of the popular A220. Called the ACJ TwoTwenty business jet, the aircraft has broken the boundaries for a new market segment that Airbus defines as the “Xtra Large Bizjet.” It’s a state of the art dream machine with a stunning interior to match.

ACJ TwoTwenty
Airbus has revealed a beautiful new entrant to the corporate jet market. Photo: Airbus Corporate Jets

Welcome to the ACJ TwoTwenty

For most of us, getting a seat in a business jet is an experience we can only dream about. But for the elite, these aircraft are all part and parcel of the millionaire lifestyle. Now, there’s a new toy that’s set to throw shade on every other plane on the apron, as Airbus has unveiled a stunning addition to its lineup.

The new business jet from Airbus is a ‘clean sheet design’, based on the popular A220-100. The A220 has fast become the must-have narrowbody jet, combining passenger pleasing comfort and quietness with airline beneficial economies of operation. Now available as a business jet, it’s set to take the private flying market by storm.

Benoit Defforge, the President of ACJ, commented in a statement,

“We are proud to extend the ACJ product Family with the launch of the ACJ TwoTwenty. The aircraft combines intercontinental range, unmatched personal space and comfort for all passengers. This latest technology platform is offering unbeatable economics and unrivalled reliability. Based on its compelling market appeal, we see a promising demand for this aircraft in the growing business jet market.”

ACJ TwoTwenty
The new jet can fly for more than 12 hours. Photo: Airbus Corporate Jets

According to Airbus, the ACJ TwoTwenty has the same requirements as other competing aircraft, in terms of parking spaces and airport runways. That means it can use all the typical facilities of the bizjet market, but with three times in the interior space, and a one-third lower operating cost than its competitors.

Most impressively, the design and high efficiency of the A220 inspired business jet gives it an incredible range of more than 10,000 km. Airbus says it can fly for 10,500 km / 5,600 nmi, allowing it to fly nonstop for 12 hours or more.

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ACJ TwoTwenty
The interior can be configured to suit the buyer. Photo: Airbus Corporate Jets

What’s inside the ACJ TwoTwenty?

That, as they say, is up to you. While Airbus has presented an example of how the interior could look, the aircraft is being offered with a flexible cabin catalog, allowing its new owners to specify their own configuration for the jet.

ACJ TwoTwenty
There’s space for 18 to work, eat and sleep. Photo: Airbus Corporate Jets

Included as standard on the new bizjet is Airbus’ inimitable LED mood lighting, as well as the latest electro-chromatic windows. It will also have two times better connectivity than its competitors and WiFi system across the entire cabin.

Buyers can be assured of an unrivaled level of space inside the aircraft, thanks to its epic floor space of 73m²/785 ft². This is split into six VIP living areas, available for configuration to suit the needs of the owner. Airbus says that the jet can comfortably accommodate up to 18 passengers onboard, with space to work, dine, relax and sleep as required.

ACJ TwoTwenty
Comlux is the exclusive supplier of cabin interiors for the first 15. Photo: Airbus Corporate Jets

Working in partnership with Airbus on the project is Comlux, an ACJ-approved supplier with a completion center in Indianapolis. The company has been outfitting and upgrading VIP interiors for many years and has been selected as the exclusive supplier of interiors for the first 15 cabins of the ACJ TwoTwenty.

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