Airbus Has Only Delivered Two Airbus A380s In 2021

When it comes to delivery rates for aircraft, we are accustomed to reporting on monthly figures. In late May, Airbus confirmed plans for an average A320 Family production rate of 45 aircraft per month in Q4 2021. Earlier this year, Boeing said it had reduced 787 production to just five per month. So when we see that Airbus has delivered just two A380s in the past seven months, it certainly raises some eyebrows. Let’s see what’s going on with the program.

Airbus A380, Final Plane, First Flight
All three outstanding Airbus A380s are bound for Emirates. Photo: Getty Images

No more deliveries for 2021

It was in late June that we reported on the most recent A380 delivery. We’ve known for a long time now that the A380 program is coming to an end. Now that the planemaker isn’t burdened with trying to sell the aircraft and convince airlines to buy it – the only job now is to complete remaining orders before it shuts down production forever.

Airbus Has Only Delivered Two Airbus A380s In 2021
The Airbus A380 program was canceled in 2019. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

Airbus highlights that as it comes to the end of A380 production, the airline has just three aircraft to be delivered to Emirates. These units are at the end of their process in Hamburg.

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The latest status of undelivered A380s

According to, the following aircraft deliveries are to be expected in 2022:

  • A6-EVQ – MSN 270 – January 2022
  • A6-EVR – MSN 271 – March 2022
  • A6-EVS – MSN 272 – May 2022

Of course, while these dates are listed, we should note that Emirates will have the final say on exactly when these aircraft will be delivered.

According to AIB Family Flights, A6-EVQ has seen some activity in recent weeks. On July 5th, the aircraft had conducted an engine run and taxi check in Hamburg. On July 8th, it conducted another engine run and taxi check, followed shortly after by a second test flight.

Aside from these recent activities, we don’t know much about the status of the other aircraft – which are behind A6-EVQ in the queue.

Airbus Has Only Delivered Two Airbus A380s In 2021
The most recent Airbus A380s have Emirates’ new premium economy class onboard. Photo: Getty Images

With the Airbus A380 program coming to an end, the company is able to shift and focus its resources on other aircraft production programs – the A321XLR being the next big thing. Notably, the A380 Final Assembly Line will be converted into an A320 family assembly line.

Altogether, even though the Airbus A380 program is wrapping up, with these recent deliveries we can expect to see the aircraft flying high with Emirates for a while. The airline had even been taking deliveries last year, during the height of the complicated conditions of the pandemic.

It has been a tough year and a half for airlines across the globe. However, with restrictions easing and passenger activity starting to pick up, Emirates would undoubtedly be keen to deploy more of its superjumbos in the next chapter.

What do you think of the Airbus A380 program as it comes to an end? Have you flown on the aircraft over the years? If so, share your experiences with us. Let us know what you think of the aircraft and it’s operations in the comments.