Airbus UK Inspiring The Next Generation Of Aviation Employees

Airbus UK has rewarded 20 students who took part in an aviation youth mentoring scheme. The scheme, run by the European manufacturer, intended to give local school pupils the skills necessary for work within the aviation industry. As a reward for its successful completion, 20 students from Bristol Metropolitan Academy were rewarded with flights in Bristol.

Airbus Aviation Skills Students
Airbus gave a group of 20 students aviation-related skills. Photo: Airbus UK

It’s always important to try and inspire the next generation of young workers. This is no less true in the aviation industry. Indeed, it is exactly what the UK branch of Airbus has attempted to do. The Airbus Foundation’s Flying Challenge program saw 20 pupils given essential training for the aviation industry in at Airbus’ Filton site in Bristol.

Airbus’ Flying Challenge Programme

The Airbus Foundation’s Flying Challenge program is a program set to inspire young people to consider careers in aviation. As such, participants in Airbus UK’s program were prepared with skills which could prove useful for a career in the aviation industry. This training was given over a lengthy period.


In fact, the program saw the students take part in weekly training sessions covering everything from aviation design to test facilities. However, along with the skills learned, the students involved were also able to build contacts with local aerospace companies.

Airbus UK Aviation Skills Students
The students learned a wide range of skills including aircraft design. Photo: Airbus UK

A high flying reward

The 20 students who took part in the challenge were rewarded for their 20 weeks of training. In fact, the award for completion was the chance to go flying in a light aircraft. Last Thursday on July 11th, the students and their teachers headed to Gloucestershire Airport.

Here, the European manufacturer, alongside charity fly2help, took the pupils up into the skies. The students flew three at a time, meaning two got to ride in the back of the light aircraft, with another up in the front. Following the flights on Thursday, the students are now set to graduate from the program with a ceremony on Wednesday.

Airbus UK Aviation Skills Students
Finally, the students were rewarded with a flight in a small aircraft. Photo: Airbus UK

Hannah Hammond is the Community Engagement Officer. She said:

“The Flying Challenge programme gives the students a unique and potentially life-changing opportunity to develop relevant skills and inspire them in their future endeavours by working with Airbus mentors. The Flying Challenge programme is the Airbus Foundation’s largest international youth mentoring scheme in which they complete a skills portfolio and achieve a nationally recognised qualification. Airbus in the UK is committed to projects involving schools in the region, with youth development and education being among the core strands of the company’s community-engagement agenda.”

What does it mean?

Firstly, by offering the challenge, the company is encouraging youngsters to consider a career in aviation. However, it also shows that the company is not just sitting in a location, using the local area. Instead, it is also giving back to the local area through initiatives such as these. We can’t wait to see what else Airbus has planned.

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