Can You Have A Relationship With An Aircraft? This Woman Says Yes

A 30-year-old woman from Berlin, Germany, Michele Köbke, is in a relationship with a Boeing 737-800. The love affair, which she claims is both physical and intimate, has been going on for five years. Michele says she only wishes others would accept her commitment to the airframe.

Michele kobke
Michele Kobke is in love with a 737. Photo: Michèle Köbke/Facebook

We love planes; I mean, look at what we do all day. We read about planes, we write about planes, we photograph planes and we fly on planes. But when we say we ‘love’ planes, obviously we mean in a platonic, non-creepy sort of way.  But that’s not the case for everyone out there.

In fact, one avgeek has a much deeper sort of love for planes, and not just any old plane either. Michele Köbke is in love with a Boeing 737-800 and says she wants to marry it and live together in a hangar. Seriously, you couldn’t make this stuff up.

Meet Michele

Michele is a 30-year-old from Berlin, and says she has been in a relationship with the 737 for around five years. It all started when she took her first flight in November 2013, when she, like so many of us, realized she had a bit of a soft spot for aviation.

However, while the majority of avgeeks limit their penchant for planes to drooling over the roar of a jet engine or dreaming of lie flat business class luxury, Michele takes the love to a whole new level. When she stepped on board her first 737-800, she said it was love at first sight.

woman in love with a plane
A moment together. Photo: Michèle Köbke/Facebook

“On March 11, 2014, I was in Tegel airport and visited the aeroplanes and then came a 737-800 airplane, which approached me, and I have been so in love with him since,” she told the Metro.

Despite the obvious challenges involved in having a relationship with a plane, Michele says she gets by. She apparently has a 1.6m scale model of the 737-800, and sleeps with it every night. She also owns a collection of retired parts from the plane, which she hugs and kisses to stay close to her lover.

woman in love with a plane
Michele sleeps with a scale model of the 737-800. Photo: Michèle Köbke/Facebook

 “It’s like a normal relationship, we have relaxing evenings together and when we go to bed, we cuddle and fall asleep together.”

Conjugal visit

It wasn’t until May this year that Michele got to spend some real quality time with her lover. It was the first time she’d been allowed up close and personal with the 737-800, as an undisclosed airport allowed her into the hangar for a short while. She told LadBible,

“The first time we really met was the May 1, 2019, I enjoyed every millisecond with him. My cheeks hurt from smiling, I’m the happiest woman in the world – when I’m with him I have everything I need.”

woman in love with a plane
Photo: Michèle Köbke/Facebook

Apparently, she sees the 737-800 as very ‘sexy’, beautifully built and elegant. One of the things that really stands out for her are its winglets, as she described in an interview,

“When I touch his wings, I get immediately sweaty palms and get excited.”

woman in love with a plane
Taking the controls. Photo: Michèle Köbke/Facebook

While the plane she visited in the hangar appears to be an SAS 737 registered SE-RES (which is actually a 19 year old 737-700 – oops), Michele’s relationship doesn’t seem to be limited to one particular airframe. From reports, it seems she’s in love with ALL 737-800s. With almost 5,000 units delivered from Boeing, she’s going to need a lot of love to go around.


Michele’s condition, not that she’d describe it as such, is known as objectophilia, where someone becomes sexually attracted to inanimate objects.  To her, it’s perfectly normal. To the rest of us, freaky to say the least.

woman in love with a plane
The long distance relationship means Michele has to make do with parts most of the time. Photo: Michèle Köbke/Facebook

Michele claims that her family is fully supportive of her relationship with the 737-800 and says that she wishes society would be more accepting of her preference. She told the Mirror,

“I wish it was more accepted in society, there are always people who don’t accept it. I’m simply different and I stand for my love to my 737.”

woman in love with a plane
Dinner for two. Photo: Michèle Köbke/Facebook

While we can’t deny that aircraft certainly have an attractive quality, I think most of us would stop short of proclaiming an intimate relationship with a 737. At the bare minimum we’d pick a Dreamliner, right?