Why Do So Many Airlines Have Star Wars Partnerships?

United recently announced that it has partnered with Star Wars, ahead of the franchise’s latest installment, The Rise of Skywalker. This large-scale campaign is the latest partnership between an airline and the Hollywood saga.

Star Wars United
United has announced a strong partnership with Star Wars. Photo: United

United force

According to United’s press release, the airline will kick off the promotion in November. It will do this with the introduction of a new Star Wars-themed design on one of its Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Along with this, the onboard experience of the aircraft will be redesigned to mark the movie’s release in December.

Furthermore, United’s inflight safety video will contain characters from the upcoming movie. United is extremely excited about the move. Mark Krolick, The carrier’s vice president of marketing said that the partnership makes sense due to the pair’s like-minded goal of connecting people.

“United Airlines and the Star Wars franchise share a common goal: connect people and unite the world,” Krolick said.

“We are thrilled to join forces and help promote the concluding chapter of the Skywalker story, while at the same time enlisting help from our new friends from the Star Wars universe to demonstrate the importance of safety for our customers and colleagues.”

Global interest

Last month, LATAM also introduced a Star Wars-themed Boeing aircraft to its fleet. The Boeing 777-300ER is plastered with stormtroopers across its body, creating an eye-catching display. However, LATAM is not stopping there, as it received another one of these customized 777s earlier this month.

Latam Star Wars
LATAM introduced two planes with Star Wars livery in the last two months. Photo: LATAM

Virgin Atlantic also confirmed that a 747 with Star Wars delivery has started service. This aircraft currently operates between London Gatwick and Orlando, Florida. Furthermore, All Nippon Airways will operate a C-3PO themed livery for one of their Boeing 777-200s from December 1st till December 14th. This move further adds to Star Wars craze this season.

Star Wars’ unmatched, global popularity makes it the perfect partner for airlines to join forces with. For over four decades, the series has dominated the box office.

A big deal

This success, along with the film’s family-friendly appeal makes the promotion a seamless process. With the world continuing to become more divided with their interests, it is hard to come by a universally-recognizable entertainment brand that won’t cause dissatisfaction with at least some of the passengers.

Virgin star wars
Virgin’s “The Falcon” aircraft. Photo: Virgin

Many of Star Wars’ characters have now become ingrained in popular culture across the world. Therefore, even those who have not seen any of the movies in the saga will be able to recognize some faces.

On the other hand, it costs a lot of money to afford such grand sponsorship programs like these. This means that only a few suitable firms would be able to match the requirements to deliver this partnership. With Star Wars’ owner Disney raking a revenue of $59.43 billion per year, they can hand over the cash for these intricate projects.

It is not just airlines that the franchise has partnered with over the years. Fast food restaurants, snack companies, razor blade firms, and car manufacturers have all had their fair share of Star Wars action. With the film releasing this winter, there is no doubt going to be further promotions seen in the weeks to come.

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