Airline Startup Of The Week: Joon

Following last week’s airline startup of the week Starlux Airlines, this week we’re looking at an already established carrier. Joon is Air France’s answer to IAG’s LEVEL Airlines. The airline is marketed as a low-cost airline, while primarily targeting young millennial fliers. In fact, Joon supposedly sounds like the French word Jeune meaning young.

Two Years Old

The airline itself just celebrated its first birthday, while its first flights departed on December 1st 2017. Joon initially served the four European destinations Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon and Porto. The airline has flown over 2 million passengers from its Paris Charles de Gaulle base while expanding its route network considerably to 17 destinations across Europe and worldwide.

Joon has a fleet of 15 aircraft. Photo: Joon

All Airbus Fleet

Joon currently operates a fleet of 15 aircraft. While all of these are Airbus aircraft, the fleet is made up of both short-haul and long-haul aircraft. There are 7 A320 aircraft with an economy only configuration of 174 seats. In addition, there are 4 A321 aircraft which are made up of 16 business class seats and 188 economy seats. Finally, for the long-haul flights, Joon operates 4 A340 aircraft. These come from the Air France fleet and seat 278 passengers, including 30 business, 21 premium economy, and 227 economy seats.

Joon is a subsidiary of Air France. Photo: Anna Zvereva

The airline has expansion plans which would see it acquiring a number of A350 aircraft. In April it was announced that by 2020 the airline aims to operate a fleet of 28 aircraft. This would be made up of 18 short-haul aircraft, and 10 long-haul aircraft. The increasing size of the fleet will allow the airline to launch a number of new flights in 2019.

2019 Destinations

In 2019 Joon is going to be launching a number of new routes, in contrast to the recent cancellation of the airline’s Tehran route. The six new routes will launch in the summer, adding 4 short-haul and 2 long-haul destinations to the airline’s route network. Short-haul flights will be operated to Manchester, Stockholm, Prague, and Madrid using A320 and A321 aircraft. This will complement the airline’s two new long-haul destinations, Saint Martin in the Caribbean, and Quito in South America which will be operated by the A340. All of the flights were previously operated by Air France with the exception of Quito which is a brand new route.

Joon will launch 6 new routes in the summer of 2019. Image: Joon

Madrid will see the most flights with 6 flights daily. Stockholm will be served by 4 flights daily, while Prague and Manchester will both have 3 flights each day. In line with low-cost fares, these flights will be available for a promotional launch fare of between €39 and €59. The two long-haul routes will operate 3 times a week. St Martin flights will operate on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays while the introductory fare is €199. The Quito flight will operate on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays with fares starting at €299.

Joon’s business class cabin comes with lie-flat beds. Photo: Joon

Millennial Airline

Joon goes out of its way to appeal to younger millennials. Similar to Alaska Airlines, the airline offers VR glasses to allow passengers to use the entertainment system. Going for €15, the glasses allow you to watch programs and films in 2D and 3D, in addition to 180-degree virtual reality. The airline also allows you to stream all of the in-flight entertainment on your phone. One Telegraph reviewer commented “I have no idea why you’d want to watch the same thing as you would in front of you but on a smaller screen. Perhaps I’m missing something.”

Have you flown on Joon? What are your thoughts? Let us know below!