Airline Startup Of The Week: Tchadia Airlines

Last week we wrote that Joon was our airline startup of the week. Now, we’ve written frequently about Ethiopian Airlines and their many local startups. This week the airline of the week which we’re focusing on is one of these airlines. Tchadia Airlines is the airline which Ethiopian is running along with investment from the government of Chad. As such, the airline has become Chad’s flag carrier with its first flight on 1st October 2018.

11 Initial Routes

Tchadia Airlines
The initial 11 routes that Tchadia Airways will launch with. Image: GCMap

Tchadia Airlines commenced operations on 1st of October. The airline currently has two aircraft in its fleet, both of which are Q400 aircraft. Tchadia is rather fortunate in that the airline only faced direct competition on two of its routes. The competition is provided by ASKY between Chad’s capital city and Cameroon’s Douala airport. Additionally, Air Cote d’Ivoire operates flights on the route. Tarco Air offers a weekly flight between N’Djamena and Khartoum.

The 11 routes visit a total of 6 countries. 6 of the routes are domestic routes. Interestingly, all of the domestic routes are operated in a triangle. The triangular flights will operate four times weekly with two flights in each direction each week. The airline has left space in the aircraft’s schedules, meaning that it has the capability to add more routes in the future as required. The airline is using Ethiopian’s flight number designation ET. All of the flights operated will increase the number of seats offered on Chad flights by an impressive 56%!

Strategic Equity Partnership

Similar to Ethiopian’s arrangement with the Zambian government, Ethiopian Airlines has funded just under half of Tchadia Airlines, with the national government footing the other half. The Chadian Government owns 51% of the venture, with Ethiopian Airlines owning the other 49%, meaning that the government has the controlling say in the airline.

Speaking about the launch of the airline the CEO of the Ethiopian Group, Mr Tewolde GebreMariam told press: “The strategic equity partnership in the launching of the new Chad national carrier is part of our Vision 2025 multiple hub strategy in Africa. The new Chad national carrier will serve as a strong hub in Central Africa availing domestic, regional and eventually international air connectivity to the major destinations in the Middle East, Europe and Asia.”

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