AirNav RadarBox Shows Off Its Flight Tracking Trails Product

AirNav RadarBox has revealed a new update on the map. The newest feature, called “Last Trails,” displays the flight trails over the last five minutes at a specific location or airport., Flight Tracking, Aircraft Trails offers the possibility of displaying aircraft trails. Photo:

The feature is available when less than 20 aircraft are visible, as shown above at Paris Charles De Gaulle and the following screenshots below., Flight Tracking, Aircraft Trails
The feature is turned on via the settings tab. Photo:

How to activate Last Trails on

To use Last Trails, simply navigate to the left side of the page, select the sixth and last item, “Map Options,” and double-click it. After opening the tab, scroll down until you find the “Show last trails” option and click once on it.

If you wish to disable the Last Trails function, just follow the same procedure., Flight Tracking, Aircraft Trails
Trails remain visible when specific flights are called up. Photo:

Last Trails is capable of displaying all aircraft within a visible area, even when a specific flight is selected to track. Aircraft can be seen following arrival and departure routes from airports, as well as those flying high above at 35,000 feet or more., Flight Tracking, Aircraft Trails
The function works when 20 or fewer flights are on the map. Photo:

It’s an interesting new feature that can help identify multiple aircraft around a given area. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that the feature only works when 20 or fewer flights are in the visible area.

If you have any questions or feedback on this feature or anything else related to RadarBox, their team is on hand to help. Send them a tweet using the hashtag #RadarBox or send an email to:

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