What Is Airbus’ ‘Airspace’ Aircraft Cabin?

Airbus first introduced its new cabin concept, ‘Airspace by Airbus’, with the A350 XWB five years ago. The innovative design is also available for the A330neo. In February this year, the manufacturer released the first images of the narrowbody version of the Airspace cabin. Let’s take a closer look at the new cabin features said to, among other things, decrease the effect of jetlag.

What Is Airbus’ ‘Airspace’ Aircraft Cabin?
Airbus’ latest cabin concept with customizable ceilings was first introduced on the A350. Photo: Airbus

Setting JetBlue up for A321LRs to London

A few months after Airbus introduced its single-aisle Airspace design, JetBlue took delivery of its first A321LR featuring the new interior. This aircraft is the first of 13 of the model that JetBlue will use to grab a piece of the usually oh-so-lucrative transatlantic traffic to London. All the additional A320neo variants the airline still has on order will also come equipped with Airspace.

Both JetBlue and Airbus were very enthusiastic about the new offering. They expressed expectations of it giving JetBlue a wing up on the competition – and perhaps put to rest the voices of doubt being raised about the comfort of single-aisle long-haul. Christian Scherer, Airbus Chief Commercial Officer, commented at the time of the delivery,

“We are thrilled to have JetBlue set yet another trend and introduce Airbus’ new Airspace cabin on its long-range service. For sure the outstanding comfort and in-flight transatlantic experience on board these aircraft will be a winner – for JetBlue, its valued passengers and crew alike!”

What Is Airbus’ ‘Airspace’ Aircraft Cabin?
The manufacturer introduced the single-aisle Airspace this year. Photo: Airbus

Customizable jetlag fighting lighting

All Airspace concept cabins have a unique welcome and customizable hero lighting which, to the joy of any long-haul traveler – is said to reduce the effect of jetlag. The state-of-the-art LED lights on board allow for precise control of the lighting ambiance with an infinite number of scenarios possible.

Panels in the roof of the cabin are also customizable to, in the manufacturer’s words, ‘beautify the ceiling’. For the auditory experience, the planemaker says that with each aircraft and cabin concept it develops, it takes a proactive approach to acoustic design. With Airspace, it has produced its quietest cabin yet.

What Is Airbus’ ‘Airspace’ Aircraft Cabin?
The A321neo Airspace has slimmer wall panels for more personal space. Photo: Airbus

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More personal space and touchless toilets

The A320neo Airspace cabin also features new and slimmer sidewall panels. This, in turn, translates to more much-coveted personal space at shoulder level. Along with less risk of rubbing up against each other in closed and confined spaces, Airbus has also developed new lavatories for Airspace. These are equipped with entirely touchless features, along with antimicrobial surfaces.

What Is Airbus’ ‘Airspace’ Aircraft Cabin?
The A330neo Airspace has been upgraded with larger overhead bins, eliminating the need for central storage in the premium cabin. Photo: Airbus

Storage and windows

For the A330neo Airspace, Airbus added brand-new overhead storage, with space for 66% more carry-on bags. This also means that it got rid of the need for central storage in the premium part of the cabin, allowing for a more spacious and airy feel up in the front of the plane. The A320neo Airspace also features new overhead bins, with space for up to 60% more luggage.

As far as entertainment goes, the founding member of the Airspace family, the A350 features high-bandwidth fiber optics and screens up to 13 inches wide in economy. Should you rather watch the clouds pass by underneath, all Airspace cabins feature enhanced views through the windows with redesigned bezels. They also have completely integrated window shades, allowing for more natural light.

Have you flown in ‘Airspace by Airbus’ yet? What was your experience? Leave a comment below and let us know.