Alaska Airlines Unveils An Impressive New Cabin Experience

Alaska Airlines has unveiled a new cabin experience, and we have to say that it is pretty impressive. According to a News Release by Alaska Airlines, guests traveling on the airline will be able to enjoy the new cabin experience on some of its Airbus flights as early as this month.

The airline is working on retrofitting all of its Airbus A319, A320, and A321 aircraft this year. As a matter of fact, by 2020, as many as 36% of Alaska Airlines’ aircraft, including all of its Airbus aircraft, as well as Boeing 737-700s and three new Boeing MAX 9s, will feature the modern interior.

Alaska Airlines Aircraft
Alaska Airlines is the fifth-largest airline in the United States. Photo: Alaska Airlines.

Ben Minicucci, Alaska Airlines’ president and COO, stated “Just two years after acquiring Virgin America, we’re thrilled to introduce a modern cabin that aligns the onboard experience across our fleet. After extensive feedback from our guests and in collaboration with our partners, we’ve infused the Alaska Airlines cabin with key brand elements from Virgin America – the result is a premium experience at an affordable price.”

Let’s take a look at all the features of Alaska Airlines’ new cabin.

Neutral Tones

First of all, Alaska Airlines has updated the colors throughout the cabin. The entire cabin looks more relaxing and appealing in the new neutral tones.

Alaska Airlines New Cabin
Here is a look inside Alaska Airlines’ new cabin. Photo: Alaska Airlines.

Comfortable Seats

The newly updated seats feature memory foam and genuine leather for a comfortable and luxurious feeling.

Alaska Airlines Headrest
The new headrests can be adjusted in six different positions. Photo: Alaska Airlines.

Ambient Mood Lighting

Virgin America heavily advertised its “mood lighting” when the airline started service in 2007. This popular feature will be part of Alaska Airlines’ new cabin experience. The purpose of the ambient mood lighting is to support the human body’s natural circadian rhythm. Consequently, the lighting changes during the course of a flight depending on the time of the day.

Alaska Airlines Mood Lighting
Passengers will enjoy calming ambient mood lighting aboard Alaska Airlines flights. Photo: Alaska Airlines.

The music program with a West Coast vibe will further support the relaxing atmosphere onboard the aircraft.

Redesigned First Class

The First Class cabin of the retrofitted aircraft features Recaro seats with a 40″ pitch as well as footrests for added passenger comfort. Additionally, there are cup holders in First Class and Premium Class, so passengers do not have to put their drinks on the tray table.

Alaska Airlines First Class Cabin
Alaska Airlines’ new First Class cabin features Recaro seats. Photo: Alaska Airlines.


Wi-Fi is available on many flights nowadays. Alaska Airlines’ aircraft, however, will boast a high-speed satellite Wi-Fi with faster connection speeds. Passengers will even be able to stream programs from Netflix and HBOGo.

Alaska Airlines Wi-Fi
Alaska Airlines’ Wi-Fi is provided by Gogo, the leading inflight internet and entertainment provider. Photo: Alaska Airlines.

Tablet Holders

Many passengers will surely appreciate this new feature: tablet holders. The tablet holders are designed to hold most tablets and smartphones in perfect view of the passengers.

Alaska Airlines Tablet Holders
This is what Alaska Airlines’ tablet holders look like. Photo: Alaska Airlines.

Flexible Mesh Pockets

Alaska Airlines definitely had passenger convenience in mind when designing the new interior. Flexible mesh pockets are available in front of every seat, so passengers can easily access their small items during the flight. Furthermore, passengers can charge two devices at once thanks to USB and power outlets located right in front of them.

Alaska Airlines Mesh Pocket
Passengers can store their small items in convenient flexible mesh pockets. Photo: Alaska Airlines.

New Food and Beverage Choices

Alaska Airlines is not only retrofitting the cabin of its aircraft though. The airline is taking it a step further and is also introducing new food and beverage choices. As a result, there will be seasonal menus offering meals prepared with fresh and locally-sourced ingredients.

Alaska Airlines Food and Beverage
Alaska Airlines is offering new food and beverage choices as part of its new cabin experience. Photo: Alaska Airlines.

All in all, it appears that Alaska Airlines has done a great job listening to its passengers and upgrading its cabins. We are definitely looking forward to traveling on one of Alaska Airlines’ retrofitted aircraft in the near future.

How do you feel about Alaska Airlines’ new cabin experience?