Alaska Airlines’ New Orca 737 MAX Livery Spotted In Seattle

A new Alaska Airlines livery featuring Orcas has been spotted on the manufacturing line at Boeing’s Renton facility in Washington. It’s unclear what the livery represents at this stage, though it could be an environment-based partnership given the livery in question.

Alaska Airlines, Boeing 737 MAX, Orca Livery
Alaska Airlines’ latest livery has been spotted in Renton. Photo: Preston Fiedler

Airlines are no strangers to special liveries. A couple of years ago, British Airways painted several Boeing 747s in retro liveries to celebrate its centenary. Alaska Airlines included, many airlines have partnered with Disney to promote travel to their parks. Meanwhile, Ryanair offered a sponsored livery package at one point in time. Alaska Airlines is now adding to its special livery collection.

The new Orca livery

Boeing is constantly building new 737 MAX aircraft for customers, and Alaska Airlines is no exception. It has 71 737-9 MAX aircraft on order, according to data from One of these jets, N932AK, was spotted on the flight line at Renton over the weekend. However, unlike a standard Alaska Airlines MAX, this one stood out like a sore thumb.

The aircraft features a blue fuselage, sporting the standard Alaska Airlines logo, and three Orcas flying down the side of the jet. The tail features a photo of an orca jumping out of the water. Alaska Airlines is yet to reveal the symbolism of the livery. It could possibly be to do with a new environmental-themed partnership, though we’ll have to wait and see. In response to a photo of the jet posted on Twitter, the airline replied,

Alaska Airlines, Boeing 737 MAX, Orca Livery
Alaska Airlines remains tight-lipped on the livery for the time being. Photo: Twitter

An airline known for special liveries

While special liveries are few and far between at some airlines, this isn’t the case with Alaska Airlines who doesn’t shy away from special liveries. Currently touring around is a special livery on another 737 MAX 9. As part of the Boeing ecoDemonstrator program, the aircraft has a special environment-themed livery featuring mountains.

Boeing 737 MAX, Alaska Airlines, ecoDemonstrator
Alaska’s ecoDemonstrator livery has recently been touring the world. Photo: Preston Fiedler

Before this, the airline launched its UNCF (United Negro College Fund) Our Commitment plane, with a livery inspired to promote diversity, especially with regards to education, equity, and representation. The aircraft features the faces of 14 children of Alaska Airlines employees. Additionally, the livery was designed by the airline’s black employees and allies.

Alaska Airlines, Boeing 737 MAX, Orca Livery
Alaska partnered with employees to create its UNCF Our Commitment livery. Photo: Alaska Airlines

Another popular Alaska Boeing 737 is the airline’s Salmon Thirty Salmon livery, a play on the aircraft type. Featuring a large 129 foot long salmon down the side of the aircraft, the livery was produced in coordination with the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute with the goal of promoting wild, natural, and sustainable Alaskan seafood.

Alaska Airlines, Boeing 737 MAX, Orca Livery
Salmon Thirty Salmon is a favorite livery for many. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Simple Flying

What Alaska Airlines livery is your favorite? Let us know what you think and why in the comments!