Alaska Airlines Increases Presence At San Luis Obispo

Alaska Airlines is to increase its presence at San Luis Obispo airport in California. Two new routes to San Diego and Portland will accompany the airline’s existing route to Seattle.

Alaska Airlines, San Luis Obispo, New Routes
The Embraer E175 will be used for Alaska Airlines’ new routes. Photo: Alaska Airlines

Despite its name, Alaska Airlines has a huge presence in California. In fact, the airline’s largest hub is actually in Seattle. However, the airline has now announced two new daily routes to San Luis Obispo.

This will see the carrier adding nonstop service to San Diego and Portland. As a result, traveling to and from San Luis Obispo will be easier than ever before. The news comes after the airline announced several other new Californian routes recently.

San Luis Obispo to San Diego

The first new route to be launched by Alaskan will see San Luis Obispo connected to San Diego. The new route will commence on January 7th, with tickets already on sale, according to the airline. Daily flights will be operated by the airline between the two cities. The flight schedule is:

  • AS 3308 departs San Diego at 11:55. After a short flight, the Embraer E175 arrives in San Luis Obispo at 13:07.
  • After just 43 minutes on the ground, AS3308 continues its journey from San Luis Obispo at 13:50. It is scheduled to arrive back in San Diego at 14:57.

While the flight is scheduled for Alaska Airlines, Google Flights noted: “Plane and crew by Skywest Airlines as Alaskaskywest”.

Alaska Airlines, San Luis Obispo, New Routes
The airline will operate three routes from the city by this time next year. Photo: Alaska Airlines

Portland to San Luis Obispo

The third Alaska Airlines service to San Luis Obispo will launch far later on the 18th of June 2019. Tickets for the route are also already on sale, however. Additionally, the connection between Portland and San Luis Obispo will also be daily. Once launched, it will follow the following schedule:

  • AS 2033 will depart Portland at 13:10, arriving in San Luis Obispo at 13:18 after a 2-hour 8-minute flight.
  • AS 2080 will depart San Luis Obispo after 37 minutes on the ground at 13:55. After another 2-hour 8-minute flight, it is scheduled to arrive in Portland at 18:03 each day.

Again, while the flight is scheduled for Alaska Airlines, Google Flights noted: “Plane and crew by Horizon Air as Alaskahorizon”.

Alaska Airlines, San Luis Obispo, New Routes
The airport will have nine routes after Alaskan’s new routes are implemented. Photo: San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport

Years of planning

According to Kevin Bumen, the San Luis Obispo airport director, years of planning are behind Alaska Airlines’ new routes to the city. He commented: “These new Alaska Airlines flights are the successful outcome of years of planning and coordination.”

He went on to add: “With the help of our community partners, the County and the Airport are excited to bring these new opportunities to our travelers, and to provide deeper connections into the Alaska Airlines network.”

What do you make of Alaska Airlines’ new San Luis Obispo routes? Will you use them? Let us know in the comments!