Alaska Airlines Encourages Customers To Bring Their Own Bottles

Alaska Airlines is encouraging passengers to bring their own refillable water bottles onto flights. The move comes as the North American airline looks to reduce single-use plastics onboard aircraft.

Alaska Airlines, reuse bottles, Single use plastics
Alaska Airlines wants customers to reuse water bottles. Image: Alaska Airlines

Across the aviation industry, companies and individuals are looking to do their bit for the environment. This could be anything from an employee taking public transport to work, to an airline ordering newer, more fuel-efficient aircraft. However, to quote a major UK supermarket, “every little helps”. This is what Alaska Airlines is trying to tap into by asking passengers to bring reusable water bottles to the airport.

Refill past security

With the current restrictions on taking liquids through airport security checks, a large number of passengers will purchase a bottle of water after the security checkpoint. This could be either at the airport or on board the aircraft.

Alaska Airlines wants to change this. As such, the airline is encouraging customers to bring a refillable water bottle with them next time they travel to the airport. The airline calls its initiative #FillBeforeYouFly. It wants customers to become a part of reducing the airline’s reliance on single-use plastics.

Huge plastic saving potential

Recently Simple Flying did the rough maths of the impact of removing in-flight magazines from aircraft on emissions. Well, it looks as though we weren’t the only ones working away with our calculators.

Alaska Airlines has done the maths to determine the possible impact of passengers using their own refillable containers on a flight. The numbers look pretty impressive.

According to the airline, if just 10% of all passengers brought their own bottle, the airline would save four million plastic cups and over 700,000 plastic water bottles. In order to kickstart the initiative, representatives of the airline were at Seattle-Tacoma this morning to give out free reusable water bottles to passengers.

Passengers will still need to fill their water bottles prior to boarding the plane as the airline says only limited quantities of water are carried on board.

Alaska Airlines, reuse bottles, Single use plastics
The airline handed out free water bottles in Seattle this morning. Photo: Alaska Airlines via Twitter

Trees to be planted

As a part of #FillBeforeYouFly, Alaska Airlines is also planting trees. Every time a passenger boards a flight with a refilled water bottle, then Alaskan will plant a tree. However, the passenger has to post a picture on social media along with the hashtag #FillBeforeYouFly.

Diana Birkett Rakow, Alaska Airlines’ VP of External Relations said: “We’re passionate about working with our guests, employees, airports and partners to reduce waste, protect habitats and improve water health.”

Adding: “Land, water and animals are incredibly special parts of the places we live and fly.”

Do you carry a refillable bottle when traveling? Let us know why in the comments!