Alaska To Give Discounts When “Chief Football Officer” Scores


Now with the National Football League up and running again, Alaska Airlines has decided to offer customers a discount every time its Chief Football Officer, Russell Wilson, scores a touchdown. The deal goes by the headline, “When Russell Wilson scores, fans score too!”

Alaska Airlines
Alaska Airlines is offering discounts up to 40% Photo: Getty Images

The Seattle-based airline announced the football-season-long-sale in a press release issued on Wednesday. The sale is based on how well the Seattle Seahawk quarterback performs.

“Even though football season looks a little different this year, we’re still excited to get in on the action with one of our hometown favorites,” said Natalie Bowman, Alaska’s managing director of advertising and marketing.

“We can’t wait to see how Russell’s passion and talent translates into great deals for fans.”

For every touchdown Russel throws or runs in, Alaska Airlines customers will receive up to 40% off the regular ticket price.

The discount will be posted on social media

As soon as the game is over, Alaska Airlines will announce on its website and social media platforms the amount of the discount it will be offering. The sale will only be available for a limited time after the end of the game.

Russell Wilson
When Russell Wilson throws or runs in for a touchdown, Alaska Airlines lowers its fares. Photo: Alaska Airlines

“As if game-day pressure wasn’t already sky-high, now I have to make sure Alaska Airlines fans are getting a discount on flights, too?! Sounds like a fun challenge!” said Russell.

The 31-year-old former University of Wisconsin quarterback has been Alaska’s Chief Football Officer since 2013. Russell Wilson and Alaska Airlines have partnered together to support youth and education programs and numerous events and marketing programs. One of the most popular programs is the Russell Wilson Passing Academy. This initiative provides young Seahawk fans the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend a football camp hosted by their idol.


In its press release, Alaska Airlines was eager to reassure its customers that the airline was doing all it can as the industry battles the fallout from the coronavirus. The airline has implemented almost 100 things to ensure its passengers and staff’s safety during the current COVID-19 emergency. Measures taken include the following:

  • Enforcing social distancing
  • Enhanced airport and aircraft cleaning
  • Hand sanitizing stations
  • The mandatory use of face masks
  • Hospital-grade HEPA air filters

Regarding the HEPA air filters, the filtration system on Alaska Airlines aircraft introduces fresh, outside air into the cabin every three minutes.

Alaska Airlines loves quirky promotions

Alaska Airlines is well known for its quirky marketing programs and prefers offering discounts attached to an event. In the past, Seattle Airlines offered discounts on tickets to Hawaii based on the height of the waves.

Alaska Airlines Aircraft
Alaska Airlines loves unique promotions. Photo: Getty Images

On fares to Fairbanks, Alaska, the price of the ticket was based on the Kp-index. The Kp-index or planetary index is a scale of between zero and nine that determines your chances of seeing the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). For more information on the terms of Alaska Airlines’ promotion, visit the airline’s website.

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