Alaska Airlines Reveals New Safety Music Video

Alaska Airlines has launched a new one-minute safety video. Focused on the new health measures the airline has launched since the start of the pandemic, the airline is trying to turn what would otherwise be mundane health announcements, which are becoming standard on more airlines, into something fun and exciting.

Alaska Safety Dance
Alaska Airlines has unveiled a new health safety video. Photo: Alaska Airlines

Alaska’s new safety music video

The new safety video can be viewed below:

The “Safety Dance” is homegrown and features all-Alaska employees. The video, despite only being a minute long, was filmed over two days with 11 employees. The set is Alaska’s Boeing cabin trainer and maintenance hangar, located in Seattle.

Creating the video

Warren Fu directed the “Safety Dance.” He is known for his work with other artists, including Dua Lipa, The Weeknd, Daft Punk, and HAIM. Anna Matuszewski choreographed the piece. Matuszewski previously worked with Macklemore.

Employees were chosen for the video in a variety of ways. Some even came from the Alaska Flight Attendant Drill Team. This team dances through Seattle for the Torchlight Parade and other events worldwide, representing the airline. Others were chosen based on their workgroups, ability, and willingness to dance, and leader nominations.

Alaska Airlines, Capacity, Flights Cut
Alaska Airlines has taken various steps to keep passengers safe onboard, including mandating masks. Photo: Getty Images

That was not enough, however. Employees were given videos of the choreography in advance. They were supposed to practice at home before arriving on set. It appears that all the employees were ready to go for filming. The day before, however, all employees underwent a full eight-hour dress rehearsal. This is where the group perfected the moves with the choreographer.

Natalie, a Horizon Air flight attendant based in Seattle who was in the video, stated the following in a press release seen by Simple Flying:

“From the director, to the choreography, the cameras, the music, makeup and hair artists and so on it was like being on the set of a movie. Everyday was filled with excitement and anticipation. It was very professional, well organized and definitely on my top 10 things in life that I have been a part of.”

Michael, a Horizon Air ground service agent, added the following:

“I’ve never danced before in my life. I focused on working hard at rehearsal and doing my best to keep up. I kept practicing the moves in order to successfully pull this all off.”

Sangita Woerner, Alaska Airlines Senior Vice President of Marketing and Guest Experience, stated the following in the release:

“Our employees have always been our greatest cheerleaders and champions of our brand – they’re the driving force behind our 88-year history. We know teamwork, kindness, personality and safety above all else are critical to our recovery.”

VX plane
Alaska Airlines is building on the legacy of Virgin America’s fun preflight safety videos. Photo: Getty Images

Building on the legacy of Virgin America

Alaska Airlines and Virgin America merged. That merger, which was only completed in December of 2016, led to the Virgin America brand’s end. Virgin America was previously known for being a bit of a quirky airline, with its own pre-departure safety briefing that was a little fun and different. The final Virgin America flight took off in 2018. You can see the old Virgin America safety video here:

Alaska Airlines now states it is building on that history to highlight its safety measures onboard aircraft. These safety measures, instituted at the start of the pandemic, have made their way into many airlines’ pre-flight safety briefings. Alaska Airlines is taking it further and making it something a little more engaging.

It is also a way for Alaska and its employees to have a little fun. The last few months have been difficult for the airline, its customers, and its employees. Now, the airline is using those safety measures to give its crew and some passengers a little fun before flying. Whether other airlines follow, however, remains to be seen.

What do you think of Alaska’s “Safety Dance”? Do you think other airlines should follow with safety music videos? Let us know in the comments!