Allegiant Air Is Making An Airline Mega Resort in Florida


Allegiant Air is joining in with many European airlines by building its own resort. Many European airlines offer resorts in order to offer all in one holidays attracting more clients.

The Resort Concept

One of the biggest examples of this is the travel company TUI. Famous for its “We dot the Is and cross the Ts” slogan, TUI offers a number of different packaged to suit a traveler. These range from just flights, to all inclusive holidays. The idea being that they can target the widest portion of the travel market. Package holidays are a great example. You take a TUI flight from Stansted to Menorca. Upon arrival on the Island the passengers take a TUI bus to the TUI resort. To put this into perspective, we found a self catered week in Menorca for £467 for two people including flights and airport transfers. At the same time the flights on their own cost £464. With this in mind, its clear why package holidays can be so popular with travellers.

Allegiant’s Resort

Sunseeker Resort Logo
The Sunseeker Resort logo looks suspiciously like a jet engine… Image: Sunseeker Resort

Allegiant’s resort is called the “Sunseeker Resort”. The hotel and apartment complex will be located in Charlotte Harbor on the west coast of Florida. With a planned opening in February 2020, the resort will be spread across 22 acres. 2 of those 22 acres will be taken up just by the swimming pool! The Sunseeker Resort website boasts that the resort will be home to a “resort hotel, nine [apartment] towers, restaurants, bars, shops, marinas, fitness center, medical facility, grocery store with pharmacy and much more”.

The resort will be located right on the waterfront. Allegiant’s CEO bought the land for $30m. Image: Sunseeker Resorts

The Sunseeker Resort is currently in the process of selling apartments in the 9 apartment towers. These cost a pricey sum, but come with many benefits! A 1 bed apartment starts at $650K, a 2 bed apartment starts at $850K, while 3 bedroom apartments start at $1.1M. According to the resort’s website, apartment owners benefits include the likes of “Travel benefits on Allegiant Airlines including free flights, Transportation to and from the resort” and lots more.

An artist’s impression showing some of the 2 acres of swimming pools at the resort. Image: Sunseeker Resorts

Allegiant’s Plan

The airline plans to connect its passengers to the resort by flying guests to Punta Gorda Airport, one of the airline’s major bases. The resort is located a mere 10 minutes from the Airport, certainly a good reason for the airline’s choice of destination. Commenting on the news, Sunseeker Resorts said “Today, Allegiant Travel Company is introducing the next innovation in leisure travel by seamlessly connecting the journey with a one-of-a-kind destination, Sunseeker Resort Charlotte Harbor”. It went on to add “The inaugural development for Sunseeker Resorts will offer travelers seeking unique experiences an immersive resort on Florida’s famed Gulf Coast … Sunseeker Resorts Charlotte Harbor is excited to redefine leisure travel once again.”

An artist’s impression of the resort. Image: Sunseeker Resorts

What’s Next?

The statement released by Allegiant and Sunseeker Resorts clearly indicates that the airline has plans for more resorts. Maybe other airlines could follow suit? With Southwest launching flights to Hawaii in 2019, they could look at offering a resort on one of the islands.