How Much More Can Allegiant Grow?

In the past few years, American low-cost carrier Allegiant Air has been on a mission to grow and keep growing. Using Airbus A319s and A320s, Allegiant retired the aging McDonnell Douglas MD-80 fleet. And, since then, with lower costs, the airline has launched a host of new nonstop routes.

American low-cost carrier Allegiant has grown immensely in the last few years. Photo: Getty Images

Allegiant announces its largest route expansion ever

Allegiant announced it was adding 44 new routes in 2020. As part of this expansion, Allegiant will add three new large cities to its route network. Boston, Chicago, and Houston, previously unserved by Allegiant, will now have a place on the carrier’s route map.

Allegiant Air
Allegiant Air is adding Boston, Chicago, and Houston to its route network. Photo: Allegiant Air

Allegiant puts Boston, Chicago, and Houston on its route map

Boston and Houston will get four new nonstop routes. Meanwhile, Chicago will see six new nonstop routes.


  • Grand Rapids, Michigan from May 7
  • Asheville, North Carolina from May 8
  • Knoxville, Tennessee from May 8
  • Destin/Ft. Walton Beach, Florida from May 14


  • Knoxville, Tennessee from May 21
  • Asheville, North Carolina from May 22
  • Savannah, Georgia from May 28
  • Destin/Ft. Walton Beach, Florida from June 5


  • Allentown, Pennsylvania from May 14
  • Des Moines, Iowa from May 21
  • Savannah, Georgia from May 21
  • Asheville, North Carolina from May 21
  • Knoxville, Tennesee from May 21
  • Destin/Ft. Walton Beach, Florida from June 5
Allegiant Growth Adds Three Cities
New destinations out of Chicago, Boston, and Houston on Allegiant. Rendering created at Great Circle Mapper

Nashville gets nine new routes

One of the big winners from Allegiant is Nashville, Tennessee. The vibrant, growing city will see new nonstop service to the following destinations:

  • Bozeman, Montana from May 21
  • Sioux Falls, South Dakota from May 21
  • Norfolk, Virginia from May 21
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from May 22
  • Peoria, Illinois from June 4
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma from June 4
  • Fargo, North Dakota from June 4
  • Flint, Michigan from June 5
  • Greensboro, North Carolina from June 5
Nashville Growth
Allegiant Air is adding nine new routes out of Nashville. Rendering created at Great Circle Mapper

The rest of Allegiant’s growth

Some other big winners include Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, Knoxville Tennesee’s McGhee Tyson Airport, and Savannah International Airport in Savannah, Georgia. Here is a map of the rest of the new routes Allegiant is launching in 2020:

Allegiant Expansion
Most of Allegiant’s expansion is concentrated out of the southeastern United States. Rendering created at Great Circle Mapper

So, how much more can Allegiant grow?

Allegiant Air operates a more point-to-point network. This includes connecting smaller, regional destinations in the United States with tourist destinations like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, Phoenix, Savannah, and a host of cities in Florida including Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, and Tampa among others. However, Allegiant operates most of these routes seasonally and on a limited frequency of a few times per week.

Allegiant Air A320
Allegiant Air primarily operates point-to-point leisure routes. Photo: Allegiant Air

That being said, there is a lot of room for the carrier to grow. There are several gaps in the carrier’s maps that could benefit from additional low-cost service. Major cities like Seattle, Portland, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Atlanta see zero services on Allegiant.

Furthermore, Allegiant does not fly to Hawaii. This is one of the most popular leisure destinations in the United States without service onboard Allegiant. And, given Southwest’s successful entry into the market in 2019, there could be room for more carriers. Especially if Allegiant were to fly from cities like Las Vegas or Phoenix to Hawaii.

Allegiant A320
There are some gaps in Allegiant’s network. Photo: Airbus

Could Allegiant introduce a true premium economy?

For now, Allegiant Air operates much shorter routes. But, longer ones are coming. Allegiant’s longer routes include services from places like Grand Rapids, Michigan and Cincinnati, Ohio to Los Angeles or Las Vegas to Knoxville, Tennesee, Allegiant could see a market for a few A320s to fly with a premium economy.

Allegiant Air Planes
Allegiant Air could see a market for a few planes with a premium economy product. Photo: Airbus

Premium economy could take a number of different iterations. Allegiant could go something similar to LATAM and block out a middle seat for more room, add a carry-on bag, and priority boarding. This would give Allegiant some flexibility to the cabin configuration without having to install a new product.

Or else, Allegiant could go based on its trials and add a couple of rows of extra-legroom seats and sell those as a premium economy product. This would mean a couple of alterations on the interior of the aircraft and might be a bit more costly for Allegiant.

Lastly, Allegiant could go for something along the lines of Spirit’s Big Front Seat. This would see Allegiant add a few rows of seating similar to domestic first-class seats on a major U.S. carrier. But, like the previous option, this would mean some change to the interior configuration of Spirit’s aircraft.


Allegiant does not have a lot of aircraft on order. Furthermore, the carrier’s current fleet of just under 100 A319 and A320 aircraft are heavily utilized. Although, there may be some room for seasonal flights here and there. But, a major expansion into a new market like Hawaii would require some more aircraft than Allegiant currently has. Or else, Allegiant would have to alter its current services to make it work. Perhaps Allegiant could place a new order for A320neo family aircraft.

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