Amazon Boeing 767 Crashes In Texas

An Amazon freight 767 operated by Atlas Air has crashed 30 miles outside of Houston.

The jet on route from Miami lost contact with radar around 12:45 PM local time and is believed to have three missing crew onboard.

This is a breaking news story and some details are currently unknown at this time.

Flight tracking information from Flight Radar.

What are the details?

The FAA has released a short statement regarding the incident.

Atlas Air flight 3591, an Amazon-branded 767-300ER was en route from Miami and was expected to land at Houston Intercontinental Airport at 12:53 PM.

Unfortunately, it seemed to lose radio and radar contact just before the final approach (at around 3,000 feet) and as such has gone missing.

The last transmission to the aircraft was a warning about heavy rain in the area:

It is believed that there are three crew members onboard.

The event was first reported to local authorities when witnesses said they saw a large plane crash into Trinity Bay. This lead to calls to local radar and tracking stations that revealed a connection with a dropped contact.

The jet itself is nearly 30 years old. It originally started service with Canada Airlines in 1992, and then after two and a half decades was converted into a freighter for Atlas Air in 2016. It has been flying for Amazon since 2017.

Local law enforcement, search and rescue, and FAA inspectors are en route to the scene.

“Boeing is deeply saddened to learn of the accident involving an Atlas Air 767 cargo airplane that crashed into Trinity Bay near Anahuac, Texas, shortly before 12:45 p.m.local time Saturday.” – Statment from Boeing

We will have more information as this story develops.

Updated: Plane wreckage has been found with no survivors

The wreckage of the plane as seen from the air. Source: Click2houston

Local authorities have arrived on the scene and found the wreckage at a local area of the lake known as ‘Jacks Corner’.

Source: Click2houston

They have confirmed no survivors and the bodies have been recovered.

It is unknown at this time what caused the crash, FAA has confirmed that they will be leading the investigation.


  1. Nobody wants to drive a 30 year old automobile, (Old Junk, right?) but they have no problem flying on an Aircraft of the same age….Real smart.

    1. Kevin,
      If you maintained a car to the standards that an airliner is held to….it would last for your entire lifetime. You really should bother to know what you are talking about before spouting your ignorance for the world to see online.

      1. Even if the maintenance is really close to perfection, what doesn’t change is the technology installed.
        Unlike military aircrafts, civilian ones never have the opportunity to see their internal technology being upgraded.

        However, just by seeing the number of crash, we can say that aircraft are in good enough conditions…

      2. Do people know about the DC- 3 AKA Dakota c47?
        First Built in 1939 a propeller driven aircraft that strangely enough flew as military transports during WWII,& later as passenger airliners.some were converted into cargo planes & were still serving remote areas like Alaska to present day,is that 80 years!!!😱🇺🇸

    2. So i take it you’re an inspector with the NTSB and have concluded that the crash was caused by something age related? Real smart…

  2. Very sad indeed, its possible safety is one thing, in this case wx warning, and the operational pressures another. If we (pilots) allow the latter to take precedence, then we are not doing good to ourselves and to those whose livelihood depends on us..(families) hope they recover the crews bodies. RIP.

  3. We are researching old aircrafts still in flight. N1217A was 28 years old and the oldest plane still flying we found is N333H, a 91 year-old plane. We can’t have still flying planes that have nearly a century of service….

  4. There is a HUGE difference between the way we take care of aircraft, on a daily basis, and the pure neglect that 99.9999% of drivers inflict on their cars.

  5. RIP to the deceased crew members. My thoughts are with the families. Whatever is the cause of this accident, this is still a tragedy. So putting blame at the moment is not advisable as the re could be a hundred and one reason which can cause a crash. So let the NTSB do their job and wait for the results.

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