American Airlines Passenger Forcibly Removed From Flight After Refusing To Change Seats

A passenger aboard an American Airlines flight 2460 from Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) to Los Angeles (LAX) was forcibly removed from the flight after refusing to change seats.

Passenger removed from AA flight after refusing to give up his seat. Photo: Wikipedia

Usually, in this type of situation we are talking about “air rage” but this time a passenger caused an incident immediately after boarding.

Having boarded the aircraft, the unnamed passenger who had been assigned a seat in row 36 decided that he did not like the seat he had been given.

Passenger ignores seat allocation and sits where he wants

A fellow passenger on the flight, John Gilbert told local television news station WFAA that rather than sit in the seat he had been allocated, he decided to take a window seat next to first class. When the passenger whose seat it was arrived, the squatter refused to relinquish the seat.

Video footage of the incident shared by Gilbert on YouTube shows the man telling flight attendants, “Don’t force me, don’t violate my freedom. That’s my seat. You don’t like it? Switch it.”

He then added, “If the police come right now I’m going to stay in that seat. I don’t give a f***.”

Further, in the video, he is standing up and shouting, “This is my seat. Shut up. Shut up.”

A flight attendant tell the passenger that he is going to be kicked off

A member of the crew is then heard to say, “You can’t talk to anyone like that, you’re getting kicked off of this flight,” to which the man replies, “if want to treat me a certain way I’ll treat you right back,” adding a couple of choice words in Spanish.

Flight attendant tells passenger you are getting off this flight.Photo Wikimedia

Other passengers were asked to leave the plane so that the police could deal with the situation. True to his word, the man refused to leave when the authority’s arrived and needed to be strapped in a wheelchair. Because of the incident, the flight was delayed 45 minutes.

American Airlines later released a statement that reads,

“American contacted law enforcement due to a disruptive passenger who caused a disturbance during the boarding process.”

According to View from the Wing, airport officials in Dallas confirmed that officers had responded to a request made by American Airlines and that no one was arrested.

Having watched the video, it’s hard to imagine that the disruptive passenger was not charged with anything. First of all, he caused an affray aboard and aircraft and then struggled with the police when they asked him to leave.

It’s only a guess, but perhaps he had known mental issues and had not taken his medication. This incident at DFW is just another in a spate of episodes involving disruptive passengers.

There has been a spate of disruptive passengers

Earlier in the week, a woman appeared in court in the U.K. after assaulting fellow passengers on a Virgin Atlantic flight from Miami (MIA) to London Heathrow (LHR).

Virgin Atlantic transatlantic
Drunken woman restrains for six hours on Virgin Atlantic flight. Photo: Wikimedia

According to the Sun, sozzled 51-year-old Louise Dixon from Bridgend, Wales had to be restrained in her seat for six hours after throwing a bottle of water at a young boy and attacking other passengers on the flight. Almost certain to face jail time, Dixon will be sentenced next week.

In another incident involving American Airlines, a woman chased her boyfriend down the aisle of the aircraft and smashed her laptop over his head after catching him looking at another woman.

These kinds of incidents on planes need to be stopped and nine times out of ten you know it is either alcohol, drugs or mental issues that are to blame.