Boeing 767 Retirement Sees American Place 787 On Montevideo Route

American Airlines is working on an ambitious fleet renewal plan that will see the retirement of the Boeing 767 in favor of newer, more fuel-efficient aircraft. As a result, American will upgrade services to Montevideo, Uruguay to a Boeing 787 early in 2021.

American Airlines Boeing 767
American Airlines will upgrade service to Montevideo from a Boeing 767 to a 787. Photo: Getty Images

RoutesOnline reports that American Airlines will remove Boeing 767 service to Montevideo, Uruguay from January 7, 2021. Instead, American will place a Boeing 787 on this route on a daily basis. American Airlines confirmed to Simple Flying that this upgrade is a result of Boeing 767 retirements.

Miami to Montevideo
American will fly the 787 daily between Miami and Montevideo. Rendering created at Great Circle Mapper

The Boeing 767 versus the 787

American operates both Boeing 767 and 787 aircraft. Onboard, passengers will find a different experience on each. The 767 has 28 lie-flat business class seats, 21 Main Cabin Extra seats (which is essentially just extra legroom economy class), and 160 Main Cabin seats. American’s 767s underwent a refurbishment a few years ago in which the aircraft received lie-flat seats in business class.


Meanwhile, the Boeing 787 has 20 lie-flat seats in Flagship Business class, 28 Premium Economy seats, 48 Main Cabin Extra seats, and 138 Main Cabin seats. The fun part about American’s 787s is that some business class seats are rear-facing. Although, these aircraft do not have a door like some other business class products.

AA 787 cabin
The Flagship Business cabin on the 787-8. Photo: American Airlines

The 787-8 is equipped with a total of 234 seats while the 767-300 has 209 seats onboard, which represents a slight capacity increase moving forward. While there will be fewer business class seats on this route, the addition of a Premium Economy cabin will help those passengers who are seeking a happy medium between extra legroom economy and business class.

In addition, no seats on the Boeing 767 have seatback entertainment. Rather, there are overhead screens in economy class and, in business class, American passes out Samsung tablets to passengers. The 787, however, offers all passengers on-demand entertainment through seatback screens.

AA 787 main cabin
Main Cabin passengers will have access to on-demand entertainment through the seatback screen with the 787. Photo: American Airlines

American is retiring the 767s

The Boeing 767s are getting old. Data from Planespottters indicates that the older 767s in American’s fleet are about 25 years old. The youngest are about 16.5 years old. Although widebody aircraft can operate for a longer period of time due to undergoing fewer flight cycles over time, it is in the airline’s interest to replace these older aircraft for newer, more fuel-efficient aircraft like the Boeing 787.

American 787 Takeoff
The 787-8 is more fuel-efficient than the 767 and will offer better economics for American Airlines. Photo: Boeing

Montevideo, Uruguay

A more “hidden” destination in South America, American Airlines is the only airline that links the Uruguayan capital to the United States with its nonstop flight to Miami. Other long-haul routes out of Montevideo include flights to Madrid on Iberia and Air Europa, as well as to Panama City on Copa Airlines. There are also longer South American routes such as Avianca’s flight from Montevideo to Bogota and LATAM’s flight to Lima.

Will you fly on American’s Boeing 787 to Montevideo? Are you excited for the 767 to 787 swap? Let us know in the comments!


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Finally! An airfare to Mvd during Christmas holiday may cost up to $1,500.


…and this is how airlines will deal with the 757/767 retirement. Either upsize to a 787/A330 or go lower with an A321XLR

Carlos M Martinez

Definitely happy about this. I fly this particular route for business several times a year and the 767 is definitely long in the tooth.


Wonderful news! As a frequent flyer to Montevideo, I do appreciate this change. The 767s in use by American Airlines have very uncomfortable seats in economy class, and even in premium economy. In addition to that, there have been frequent technical problems with the 767s on this route, such as… Read more »

J. George

Sounds good, though disappointed that there will be eight less biz class seats. Already a challenge to get mileage upgrades,


Are they also sending their airport staff and cabin crew to Charm School for a refresher course?


Yes. When do they change over?

Carlos E. Balseiro

My wife and me have been AA Platinum on the MVD route for 8 or 9 years. We got used to the so vilified 767 and we feel very comfortable on it. It is true that most of the time we benefit for free of the rows 12 or 13,… Read more »


AA also announced that it will have an extra flight between Miami and Rio de Janeiro with B787


Although I’ve not taken this flight, I have always enjoyed the 767’s 2-3-2 layout in economy. Chances are that you will get an aisle or window seat and I don’t really feel cramped, even with a full load.


Using the logic here, if you were born after the A320 introduction, you can have s*x with 15 year olds.

Mario Correa

It’s about time
Too bad American is changing airplanes for the wrong reasons (fuel efficiency) instead of pleasing passengers that were flying in that joke of an airplane