American Airlines To Begin Using Anti-COVID Surface Coating

Today, American Airlines announced that it would be upgrading its aircraft sanitization process with the inclusion of a branded electrostatic spraying solution. Known as SurfaceWise®2, the treatment is produced by Allied BioScience. It is said to be the “first-ever long-lasting product to help fight the spread of the novel coronavirus that is approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).”

American Airlines is the largest airline in the United States. Photo: Denver International Airport


Having an external, unbiased, and scientific evaluation of a product should go a long way in gaining credibility. This is something that American Airlines’ leadership has pointed out with SurfaceWise®2’s EPA approval.

“…we’re taking bold measures and using the latest products and technology to help ensure our customers’ well-being when they travel with us…Thanks to rigorous evaluations conducted by the experienced professionals at the EPA, the American Airlines team and Allied BioScience, our multitiered program will become even stronger at safeguarding our customers and team members from virus such as coronavirus and the flu.” -David Seymour, Chief Operating Officer, American Airlines

SurfaceWise2 creates an invisible barrier on surfaces, which physically breaks down and kills virus cells. It is hoped that with this ‘upgrade,’ the transmission of coronavirus via surfaces will be reduced, particularly on high-touch areas such as seats, armrests, tray tables, and overhead bin doors.

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American Airlines Flagship Business
From seats to entertainment systems and all the small crevices in between, electrostatic spraying has become the new standard for disinfecting an aircraft cabin. Photo: American Airlines

Allied BioScience’s Chief Science Officer, Maha El-Sayed, adds that his company’s product is long-lasting, providing a layer of protection against viruses “not offered by any other solutions on the market.” El-Sayed says that the company looks forward to also seeing SurfaceWise2 used in offices, schools, gymnasiums, and other high-traffic areas to support the nation in safely reopening.

In the coming months, American says that it will begin using SurfaceWise2 for electrostatic spraying on surfaces inside its aircraft, eventually using it throughout its entire fleet, including with its American Eagle regional partners.

Air Canada maple leaf lounge
A closer look at an electrostatic sprayer. The device vaporizes solutions into a fog which evenly coats a surface. Photo: Chris Loh/Simple Flying

Other American Airlines anti-coronavirus measures

American Airlines’ suite of anti-coronavirus precautions is collectively known as Clean Commitment. According to the airline, this includes enhanced aircraft cleaning performed before every mainline flight and an even deeper overnight cleaning.

Another step that seems to be commonplace on all commercial aircraft now is the presence of high-efficiency particulate air (commonly known as HEPA) filters. This HEPA technology is also used in hospitals and medical facilities around the world.

American Airlines To Begin Using Anti-COVID Surface Coating
American Airlines’ suite of coronavirus-related protocols goes by the name of Clean Commitment. Photo: Airbus

The airline is also ensuring constant cleaning and disinfection of its spaces at airports. Furthermore, the carrier has implemented a mandatory face coverings policy for all passengers, who also receive sanitizing wipes or gel on every flight.

Offering passengers peace of mind

The airline also mentions that it continues to work with the Global Biorisk Advisory Council for GBAC STAR® Accreditation for its fleet of aircraft and customer lounges. American claims that it is the first airline to seek this type of accreditation and expects to receive the designation by the end of 2020.

Marketing like this is meant to reassure current and prospective travelers that stepping on board an aircraft will be safe. Whether it’s partnering with a brand name like Clorox or a respected medical organization, airlines are sparing no expense in providing that crucial peace of mind to travelers.

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