American Airlines Baggage Handler Fell Asleep In Cargo Hold – Then Woke Up On Flight To Chicago

Have you ever had one too many to drink the night before and missed your stop after having a nap on the train? Well, this is exactly what happened to a baggage handler in Missouri, who woke up in the cargo hold of an American Airlines B737-800. Prior to the departure of AA363, nobody realised that their colleague was missing. As such, the baggage handler had to endure a 1 hour 28-minute flight in the comfort of cargo class.

american airlines
A baggage handler fell asleep in the cargo hold of an American Airlines B737-800. Photo: American Airlines

How Did It Happen?

The worker reportedly fell asleep in the forward cargo hold. The flight left Kansas City (MCI) at 0552 local time, with the worker reportedly telling authorities that he was still intoxicated from the night before. As no bags were loaded into the forward cargo hold, the ground crew closed the compartment without checking inside. As such, the employee was now sealed in the belly of the aircraft. It was only discovered that he was missing when he was discovered an hour and a half later at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport (ORD).

American Airlines
The employee was trapped on an American Airlines Boeing 737-800. Photo: American Airlines

Upon being discovered within the hold of the aircraft, the gentleman was detained by the Chicago Airport Police Department. He was then questioned by the police and FBI. He told both that he was intoxicated and fell asleep. Neither entity decided to charge the man with a crime, and as such he was released. Fortunately, he did not require medical attention as the cargo hold was pressurised and heated. He was then flown back to Kansas City on a later flight.

American Airlines Very Concerned

An American Airlines Spokesperson told the express: “A Piedmont Airlines employee, who was working [with] an American Airlines flight on the morning of October 27 at Kansas City International Airport (MCI), inadvertently fell asleep in the forward cargo hold of a Boeing 737-800 aircraft. The flight subsequently took off with the team member in the cargo hold, which was heated and pressurised. The flight landed safely at Chicago O’Hare (ORD) at 7:09 am CT and taxied to the gate. The team member was then discovered upon arrival at the gate in Chicago. Our top priority is ensuring the well-being of the Piedmont employee. He did not request any medical attention upon arrival in Chicago, and we are grateful that he did not sustain any injuries. The American team is very concerned about this serious situation, and we are reviewing what transpired with our Piedmont and Kansas City colleagues.”

American Airlines
Thankfully the member of staff was not injured by his escapades in the baggage compartment! Photo: American Airlines

This isn’t the first time such an incident has occurred, with fatalities occurring as a result in the past. Thankfully in this case that didn’t happen. It is likely that the employee will receive a fairly severe telling off from his employer, however, it is unclear whether any action was taken against him.

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